"题目:      people are no longer worried about whether their food is safe or not      they enjoy a better life.
: Only if……can
; If only ……can
; What if……can"
"题目:— Do you eat porridge every day?

—                      .
: Porridge is my favorite
; No, sometimes I’d have a cup of soybean milk, a boiled egg and a steamed bun for my breakfast
; I seldom eat fast food because it’s rich in fat"
"题目:— I think the other reason can be identified from the industrialization of food production.

—             . Some illegal traders care about nothing but making money.
: That bothers me too
; I sincerely hope that the whole society pay much more attention to food safety
; Yes, you bet"
"题目:— So how can we buy safe food?

—                      .
: The higher the price, the safer the food
; We can plant vegetables and fruits by ourselves
; When we choose food, we must remember to check its tag, confirming whether the basic information is marked on it"
"题目:— What is U.S’s experience in food safety management?

—                      .
: U.S. do better in this point
; They are improving the legal system all the time and very strict in law enforcement
; Some illegal traders care about nothing but making money"
"题目:— What would you like to have for breakfast?

—                      . Would you like to have a taste?
: Twisted cruller, I bought it this morning
; I already had my breakfast
; Breakfast is the most important meal of the day"
"题目:Animal farming      about half of all human-caused greenhouse gases.
: count for
; accounts for
; count on"
"题目:I am really       by fresh ingredients, intricate cooking and diverse traditions of Chinese food.
: fascinated
; fabricate
; fancy"
"题目:Modern Meadow is a startup that engineers tissues to create lab-grown _____ meat.
: edible
; editable
; edify"
"题目:Some illegal traders care about nothing but       .
: to make money
; making money
; made money"
"题目:The problem is uneven distribution,       870 million suffering from hunger.
: left
; to leave
; leaving"
"题目:The technology has several advantages         earlier attempts to engineer meat in vitro .
: in comparison of
; in comparison to
; compare with"
"题目:They should never try to pursue profit      health and life of people.
: in terms of
; at sight of
; at the expense of"
"题目:This, they argue, will be essential to       the needs of a booming population in decades to come and avoiding starvation.
: meet
; meeting
; met"
"题目:You can have eggs      or hard-boiled.
: frying
; fried
; have fried"



{A. By; B. In; C. Until} 2050, the world's population {A. projected; B. is projected; C. has been projected} to rise to 9 billion from just over 7 billion currently. Proponents of genetically modified foods say they are safe and can boost harvests {A. even though; B. even; C. though} in bad conditions by protecting against pests, weeds and drought. This, they argue, will be essential to meeting the needs of a booming population in decades to come and avoiding starvation.

{A. Furthermore; B. Moreover; C. However} Doug Gurian-Sherman, senior scientist for the food and environment program at the Union of Concerned Scientists, an advocacy group, said genetic engineering for insect resistance has provided only a modest increase in yields since the 1990s and drought-resistant strains have only {A. modestly; B. modest; C. moderate} reduced losses from drought."


According to experts, the advantage of modified food is that it helps in preventing the occurrence of allergies and also has a long shelf life. However, a major portion of the population is against the consumption of genetically modified food and is concerned about its disadvantages. If you are also confused about the consumption of genetically modified food, read through the pros and cons given below and decide for yourself.


●One of the most prominent advantages of genetically modified food is that it helps in controlling the occurrence of certain diseases. Certain foods cause allergy to people. Their genetic modification alters the DNA system of these foods, thereby making them non-allergic.

●Another major advantage of such type of foods is that they grow faster than their traditionally grown counterparts. As a result, there is greater productivity and more food.

●A person need not bother about any additional costs, such as buying chemicals and pesticides, when it comes to genetically engineered food. The food is naturally pest-resistant.

●Farming these foods can be a great way to fight world hunger. Since these crops grow faster or more effectively, increased production would help countries wherein crops may not normally prosper because of less than desirable environmental conditions.

●The increased shelf life of these food products helps in reducing the quantity of rotten food.


●The biggest disadvantage of genetically modified food is that they have harmful effects on the human body. The consumption of these genetically engineered foods can lead to development of diseases that are immune to antibiotics.

●Chances of developing cancer are high in people who regularly consume engineered food.

●Since it is an unnatural way of producing foods, there is an increased health hazard such as allergens, transfer of antibiotic resistance markers and unknown effects.

●Since the production of engineered food involves infusing animal genes in the crops and tampering with nature, it might not be good for consumption in the long run.

1. How does genetically modified food control the occurrence of certain diseases?{A; B; C}

A. By cross-pollinating.

B. By conventional crossbreeding.

C. By altering the DNA system of these foods.

2. Do farmers need to buy any chemicals and pesticides if they plant genetically modified food?{A; B; C}

A. Yes, they need to. Because the food is not resist to pests.

B. No, they don’t need to. Because the food is naturally pest-resistant.

C. No, they don’t need to. Because the chemicals and pesticides are provided by the government.

3. Which statement is not the advantage of genetically modified food?{A; B; C}

A. It may have harmful effects on human body.

B. Genetically modified food grows faster than their traditionally grown counterparts.

C. Farming genetically modified food can help fight world hunger.

4. What would happen to a person if he regularly consume genetically modified food?{A; B; C}

A. He would get cold.

B. He would lose some weight.

C. He would have cancer.

5. Which title is the best for this passage?{A; B; C}

A. Can genetically modified foods combat world hunger?

B. Genetically modified mood: our answer is no

C. Genetically modified foods: pros and cons"



Here's a crazy idea: Combine bioprinting and tissue engineering to "print" animal products and tackle some of the planet's biggest problems. Animal farming, after all, accounts for about half of all human-caused greenhouse gases, taking place on one-third of the available, non-frozen land on Earth. All to feed people's appetites for 300 million tons of meat a year.

Modern Meadow is a Missouri-based startup that engineers tissues to create lab-grown edible meat, in a process that eliminates many of the negative environment effects associated with traditional livestock practices.

The company claims that by carefully layering mixtures of cells of different types in a specific structure, in-vitro meat production becomes feasible. It’s set a short-term goal of printing a sliver of meat around two centimeters by one centimeter, and less than half a millimeter thick, which is edible.

The company explains in a submission to the United States Department of Agriculture: “The technology has several advantages in comparison to earlier attempts to engineer meat in vitro. The bio-ink particles can be reproducibly prepared with mixtures of cells of different type. Printing ensures consistent shape, while post-printing structure formation and maturation in the bioreactor facilitates conditioning.”

However, it admits that the road ahead is strewn with difficulties. “The consumer acceptance of such products may not be without challenges. We expect it will first appeal to culinary early-adopter consumers and the segment of the vegetarian community that rejects meat for ethical reasons. With reduction in price, it can reach the masses with religious restrictions on meat consumption (people restricted to Hindu, Kosher, Halal diets) and finally populations with limited access to safe meat production.”

Whatever the final outcome, lab-grown edible meat is no longer in the realm of science fiction. It is coming.

1. Animal farming is responsible for the occurrence of greenhouse gases.{T; F}

2. Modern Meadow is a newly-started business which aims to make profits by producing lab-grown edible meat.{T; F}

3. The method Modern Meadow adopted to produce in-virto meat is by layering mixtures of cells of different types in a specific structure.{T; F}

4. There is no meat engineered outside living bodies before.{T; F}

5. This lab-grown meat has already widely received by the masses.{T; F}"