"题目:_____dangerous it is to ride fast on a busy road!
: What a
; What
; How"
"题目:_____pity you missed the lecture again!
: What
; What a
; How"
"题目:-. What do you think about my hometown?
: The greatest part about the town, in my opinion, is the beautiful lake and mountain.
; I spend summer holiday there.
; I plan to make a trip to your hometown."
"题目:-What about mailing it in the fastest way?
: Thank you very much
; Post office is over there
; By air mail"
"题目:-Would you like me to help you to make a plan today for the summer vacation?
: No, I already have plans.
; I'm ill, so I shouldn't go out.
; It is nice of you to say so, but I'm busy tonight."
"题目:-Wow! This is a marvelous room! You must spend a lot of time and energy in it.
: Great, I am very art-conscious.
; Thanks you. It really cost me that much.
; Don't mention it."
"题目:–How far is the Great Bay from your house?
: Yes, the Great Bay is real beautiful.
; The Great Bay is five minutes away from my house and it's fantastic.
; Sorry, it's too long"
"题目:A double room with a balcony overlooking the sea had been _____ for him.
: deserved
; conserved
; reserved"
"题目:At a time of this economic crisis, our _____ should be very clear about what we need to do.
: principle
; priority
; premium"
"题目:Criminals are given the _____ of going to jail or facing public humiliation.
: option
; opportunity
; opinion"
"题目:If there is any change about the time of the meeting, please notify us _____.
: on time
; in time
; in advance"
"题目:The Chinese Red Cross contributed a _____ sum to the relief of the physically disabled.
: generous
; genuine
; general"
"题目:There _____ two hundred dollars to pay.
: were
; are
; is"
"题目:There must be something wrong with my computer, _____ there?
: needn't
; mustn't
; isn't"


1. It's busy during summer, so buying or reserving tickets in advance is recommended.{A; B; C}

2.A large sandy beach is filled with shops, restaurants and lodging in the Nye Beach area.{A; B; C}

3.Visitors can also sign up for bay tours and whale watching tours.{A; B; C}


4. Parking can be hard to find, so it pays to go early, or visit during a walk around town.{A; B; C}

5. The small, juicy Yaquina Bay oyster made Newport a world famous place for seafood lovers.{A; B; C}
A. 对海鲜爱好者来说,那个小个、汁多的亚奎纳湾章鱼最闻名于世。
B. 对海鲜爱好者来说,正是个小、多汁的亚奎纳湾龙虾在纽波特闻名于世。
C. 对海鲜爱好者来说,正是个小、多汁的亚奎纳湾牡蛎使纽波特闻名于世。"


A. So maybe we should avoid long traveling hours, and make the trip a relaxing one.

B. Lakes always bring people peace and quiet.

C. Actually the boss told me to make plans for the trip.

D. One more thing, we need to make safety a priority.

E. There will be less traffic and fewer people there.

ZHANG HUA: Do you know that the senior members of our company were whispering about a short trip?
LIU HUI: Yes, I heard about it this morning. {A; B; C; D; E}.
ZHANG HUA: Really? Then you will need to think hard about it.
LIU HUI: Sure. Since you are here, maybe you can help me work out some ideas.
ZHANG HUA: For a start, we need to bear in mind that many of them are about sixty years old.
LIU HUI: {A; B; C; D; E}.
ZHANG HUA: Right. What about the countryside? {A; B; C; D; E}.
LIU HUI: That is an option. Besides, it's better to go to a place with a lake or river and hills covered with trees in the area.
ZHANG HUA: I like this idea. {A; B; C; D; E}.
LIU HUI: And they can either walk around the lake or take a boat for relaxation.
ZHANG HUA:{A; B; C; D; E}.
LIU HUI: Exactly. Thank you for your suggestions, I will work out an itinerary for the trip this afternoon.
ZHANG HUA: You're welcome.



My lovely hometown is located on the south shore of an island. It's a small town with only about 9,000 people and an area of about 3.8 square miles.
First, I want to talk about the people in the neighborhood. Generally speaking, people are very nice here, especially in summer. I feel that in summer everyone is in a great mood, and very generous. For example, one summer afternoon, I was at the gas station filling up my car and was short of money. Generously an old gentleman gave me the money to pay the gas attendant. That's the type of people you can expect from my hometown.
The greatest part about the town, in my opinion, is the location. The Great Bay is five minutes away from my house and it's fantastic. Another great thing is how close everybody lives to each other. With it being such a small town, all my friends live five minutes away, which is a great advantage to me and everyone else. Lastly, the nightlife is great. On any Saturday night every bar is packed with people, so there's always something going on.
So far I've explained the good side of my hometown, but there are also some boring things about it. It is great in summer, but it is a different story in winter. When winter comes around, the town turns into a “ghost town”. This is because there is nowhere to go. The only thing we have is a shopping center. It would be nice if we had a few more options to choose from.


1. My lovely hometown is located on the north shore of an island. {T; F}

2. Once I was at the gas station filling up my car and didn't have enough money with me.{T; F}

3. I don't think it a great advantage that all my friends live five minutes away.{T; F}

4. On any Saturday night every bar is full of people.{T; F}

5. When winter comes around, we still have many options to choose from. {T; F}"

Lilian Hanson, a college students, expects to graduate in about two years. What makes Mrs. Hanson different from her classmates is her age—73 years. She has been studying at college, a few courses at a time, for 27 years.
When Lilian Hanson graduated from high school, she went to the bank to borrow money for the further education. The banker gave her no encouragement. He didn't think that a country girl should borrow money to go to college. He thought she should be at home doing work in the house or around the farm. So Lilian Hanson went home and raised a family of nine children instead of going to college. Mrs. Hanson never forgot her dream of getting a higher education. When her children were grown, she tried again.
She finds the hardest part of going back to school at her age is to sit in class for long periods of time. Because she is not as quick as she used to be, Mrs. Hanson often gets up and walks around classes to keep from getting stiff (僵硬). At the beginning of a course in using the computer, the other students all stood up to give her a warm welcome when she introduced herself and explained why she was there and what her aims were.


1. Mrs. Hanson couldn't go to college immediately after she graduated from high school because{A; B; C}.
A. she hadn't got enough money
B. she was a country girl
C. the banker ordered her not to borrow money

2. Mrs. Hanson wanted to borrow money from the bank{A; B; C}.
A. to support her family
B. because she was 73 years old
C. to further her education at college

3. In the college, what makes Mrs. Hanson different from her classmates is{A; B; C}.
A. the fact that she is poor
B. that she has a family of nine children
C. that she is 73 years old

4. The computer students welcome Mrs. Hanson warmly because {A; B; C}.
A. she had got an excellent result in the exam
B. she was good at telling funny stories
C. they were deeply moved by her spirit

5. Mrs. Hanson is the sort of person who{A; B; C}.
A. cares for study very much
B. likes to borrow money from the bank
C. tries to save money for her family."