"题目:— ___________ ?
— I wonder if you could practice interviewing with me in advance.
: Would you tell me a little bit about yourself?
; What can I do for you?
; What are you good at?"
"题目:— Are you confident enough?
— ______________ .
: It's nothing serious.
; It doesn't matter.
; Yes, I think being confident is one of my strong points."
"题目:— Do you think you are the suitable person for this position?
— ___________ .
: You can depend on me.
; Yes. I'm hard working and I think I am suitable for this position.
; I'm not sure."
"题目:—What kind of work have you been doing up to now?
— ____________ .
: You can call me Charles.
; I'll go to Beijing next week.
; I have been an English teacher for two years."
"题目:—Why do you want to leave your previous job?
— ____________ .
: You won't understand it.
; I'm hoping to have a better position.
; I don't want to work at all."
"题目:A successful cover letter will make a great _________.
: impression
; progress
; contribution"
"题目:I ________in the company since I came to the city.
: worked
; have worked
; work"
"题目:I think I am _______ for this position.
: confident
; complete
; competent"
"题目:It is good _______ chess after supper.
: to playing
; playing
; to play"
"题目:It will be a sad thing ______ with her.
: parting
; to part
; have parted"
"题目:Provide any information specifically _______ in the job advertisement such as availability date, or references.
: requesting
; to request
; requested"
"题目:The cover letter will be seen first. ________, it must be very well written.
: Therefore
; However
; Besides"
"题目:Three short paragraphs are quite _________ when you write a cover letter.
: sufficient
; deficient
; efficient"
"题目:We can act ______ the interview.
: out
; on
; as"
"题目:Your background is ________ to the position you are seeking.
: subject
; opposite
; relevant"



A cover letter is a letter of introduction sent along with a résumé or curriculum vitae (CV). How do you write a successful cover letter? Bear these points in mind, and you'll always make a great impression.
Keep your cover letter brief and to the point. Writing more than one page is usually unnecessary. If it is sent in an email, writing three short paragraphs is quite sufficient.
Explain why you are sending a résumé. Don't make the reader guess what you are asking for.
Tell specifically how you learned about the position or the organization – a flyer posted in your department, a web site, a family friend who works at the organization, etc.
Convince the reader to look at your résumé. The cover letter will be seen first. Therefore, it must be very well written and targeted to that employer.
Call attention to your background – education, leadership, experience – that is relevant to the position you are seeking.
Provide any information specifically requested in the job advertisement that might not be covered in your résumé, such as availability date, or references.


1. A cover letter is a letter of introduction sent along with a résumé.{T; F}

2. The cover letter is usually more than one page.{T; F}

3. There is no need to explain why you are sending a résumé.{T; F}

4. The cover letter must be very well written.{T; F}

5. Education background is irrelevant to the position you are seeking.{T; F}"

1. This will allow the employer to associate your experience with their job opening.{A; B; C}
A. 这将允许雇主联系你的经历和他们的工作开端。
B. 这将有助于雇主将你的工作经历和他们的职务空缺联系起来。
C. 这会允许雇主联系你的工作经历,还有他们的职务空缺。

2. Employers look for key skills and experience.{A; B; C}
A. 雇主所寻求的是核心技能及经历。
B. 雇主在四处看技巧和经历。
C. 雇主在看技巧和经验。

3. It is an advertisement of your potential value to the corporation.{A; B; C}
A. 这是一个广告,告诉别人你对公司的价值。
B. 这个广告可以展示你对公司的价值。
C. 这是你向公司展示自己潜在价值的机会。

4. Have others review your résumé and offer helpful advice.{A; B; C}
A. 有一些人可以检查你的简历并提供帮助。
B. 让别人帮你检查一遍简历并提供有益的建议。
C. 有其他人帮你检查简历并给你提供建议。

5. List your work experience, in reverse chronological order beginning with the most recent, relevant to your current job search.{A; B; C}
A. 列举你的经历,采用相反的时间顺序,开头时要写最近的关于你的当前工作。
B. 填写工作经历时要采用倒时间顺序,将最近发生的、跟当前工作最为相关的写在最前面。
C. 用倒时间顺序列举你的工作经历,开头写你的最近的,跟工作最相关的内容。"


A. Are you ready?

B. Would you please tell me a little bit about yourself

C. Why do you want to apply to our university?

D. What can I do for you?

E. What are you particularly good at?

_Bai Mei is talking with Molly about how to prepare for a college interview._
BAI MEI: Molly, I'm preparing for an online interview with a professor. You know, I applied to a US graduate school.
MOLLY: Great.{A; B; C; D; E}?
BAI MEI: I wonder if you could act as the professor to practice interviewing with me in advance.
MOLLY: Well, My pleasure.{A; B; C; D; E}?
BAI MEI: OK, I'm ready.
MOLLY:{A; B; C; D; E}, your education background, first?
BAI MEI: I graduated from Peking University, majoring in Information Technology.
MOLLY:{A; B; C; D; E}?
BAI MEI: I'm good at computer programming.
MOLLY: Sounds good.{A; B; C; D; E}?
BAI MEI: I believe your university is prominent in the field. I like the study program and your college environment. Besides, I've found great references for the school on the internet.
MOLLY: It seems that you've done a lot of preparation for this interview.
BAI MEI: Yes, indeed.
_(The interview practice continues …)_"

It can be really frustrating (使人沮丧的) for an overweight person to go to a gym and work out with a positive attitude. All one has to do is walk by almost any nice gym and notice all the healthy, sweating, “skinny” members. Sometimes they stare at those of us who are, well, zaftig. It is easy to see the judgment behind their eyes. Who wants to put up with that?
Many people are self-conscious of their bodies and feel isolated when joining workout classes of while exercising, especially if they are larger than most of the others in the group. Now the fitness industry is finally paying attention. Popular gyms are catering (迎合) to overweight and weight conscious customers by dedicating areas where the “skinny” people are not allowed.
There are even gyms or programs that require members to be at least 50 pounds overweight to participate.
Trainers recommend functional fitness as a practical goal, rather than six-pack abs(六块腹肌). (79)They often use text messages to stay in touch with customers.
Often at these specialized gyms, the trainers are overweight themselves, or working on their own weight goals, and this can help those people with anxiety caused by poor body image. The equipment has been designed for use by larger people. Wider seats, more cushioning, no mirrors, and tinted (有色的) windows for privacy, are all important changes.
(80)Hopefully these types of gyms will successfully grow in numbers in the future. The idea is a very simple and potentially popular one. If it helps those of us who are bigger exercise more and improve our fitness level, it's a step in the right direction.


1. The word zaftig in Paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to {A; B; C}.
A. fat     B. healthy     C. friendly

2. We can infer from the first two paragraphs that {A; B; C}.
A. most large gym chains really don't want members to show up frequently
B. overweight people are often frustrated and pushed away by traditional gym industry
C. regular gyms don't accept overweight people to participate in their programs

3. What is the training goal in the gyms catering to overweight members?{A; B; C}
A. To achieve functional fitness.
B. To build six-pack abs.
C. To look like a fitness model.

4. As for the gyms catering to overweight members, which of the following statements is NOT TRUE?{A; B; C}
A. The machines are designed for larger people.
B. Tinted windows are used to ensure extra privacy.
C. There are large mirrors on the walls.

5. Which of the following is the best title for the passage?{A; B; C}
A. Improving Women's Self-confidence through Exercises.
B. The traditional Gym Industry Is Losing Its Customers.
C. Specialized Gyms Designed for Overweight People."