{What did you do in Amsterdam? / How was the journey? / When did you get b" />

国开电大开放英语2 Unit24 Review and Assessment答案





; [[1]] -> {What did you do in Amsterdam? / How was the journey? / When did you get back? / How was your weekend? / What did you do?}"

"题目2:________ went to Amsterdam at the weekend.
: David and Jane
; David"

"题目3:David got the ticket ________.
: in a competition
; as a present"

"题目4:David ate dinner ________.
: on the train
; when he arrived"

"题目5:David came back ________ .
: very late last night
; yesterday evening"

"题目6:David ________.
: missed the train
; caught the train"

"题目7:1.late [[2]]          2.cheap [[8]]          3.new [[5]]          4.wet [[9]]          5.sad [[7]]

6.usual [[3]]          7.safe[[1]]          8.loud [[6]]          9.fat [[10]]          10.easy [[4]]
; [[1]] -> {dangerous / early / unusual / difficult / old / quiet / happy / expensive / dry / thin}"

"题目8:_To play_:[[2]]

_To go_:[[3]]

_To do_:[[1]]
; [[1]] -> {yoga, aerobics, Tai Chi / baseball, golf, cricket, basketball, ice hockey, rugby, table tennis, cards, chess / swimming, jogging, skiing}"

"题目9:1. The fans cheered {_loudly_; _loud_} as Manchester United won the match.

2. Pete Sampras hit the ball {_well_; _good_} to win the point.

3. It’s {_easily_; _easy_} to learn how to play tennis.

4. I like jogging {_regular_; _regularly_} in the morning.

5. The fans were {_angrily_; _angry_} when their team lost the match."

"题目10:A bad day

Sarah (1)[[12]] (get up) late. She (2) [[9]] (need) to be at work by 9 o’clock, but on the way to the station she (3) [[16]](stop) to buy a newspaper. In the shop she (4) [[20]] (remember) that it was Tuesday – lottery day. She (5) [[4]](buy) a lottery ticket, (6) [[10]] (put) it in her pocket and (7) [[1]] (run) to the station. Unfortunately, she (8) [[7]] (miss) the train and she (9) [[2]] (not get) to work on time. Her boss (10) [[17]] (see) her arrive late, so she (11) [[8]] (not take) a lunch break. When she (12) [[18]] (get) home, she (13) [[14]] (be) tired and hungry. She had her dinner and (14) [[5]] (sit) down to (15) [[13]](watch) the lottery on TV. She (16) [[3]] (not can) believe her luck – she (17) [[11]] (have) the same numbers! She (18) [[6]] (go) to  (19) [[19]](check) her ticket,but it  (20) [[15]] (not be) in her pocket!
; [[1]] -> {ran / didn’t get / couldn’t / bought / sat / went / missed / didn’t take / needed / put / had / got up / watch / was / wasn’t / stopped / saw / got / check / remembered}"

"题目11:1. I went to his house but couldn’t get in. There was [[5]] there.

2. [[6]] stole my purse when I was on the train.

3. He is a very good friend. I want to buy him [[3]] nice for his birthday.

4. It is an easy job - [[1]] can do it.

5. There is a problem with the electricity – [[2]] works!

6. Don’t forget [[4]].This is an important job.
; [[1]] -> {anyone / nothing / something / anything / no one / Someone}"


SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER (PG) 5.30, 7.30, 9.30

  A comedy about the adventures of three young boys in their summer holidays. The plot is quite boring and not very funny, but the actors are brilliant. The three boys decide to go on holiday without telling their parents. They forget to take any food or money with them, and they have to steal when they get hungry. They travel from New York to California, and meet lots of interesting people on the way. The police and their parents look for them, of course, and when they find them, they get a big surprise.

Tickets: £5

Nearest tube: Highgate (20 minutes walk)


1. The story is about a family holiday.{T; F}

2. The boys’ parents know where they are.{T; F}

3. The boys have enough money.{T; F}

4. They travel a long way.{T; F}"


RONNIE’S DAY OF FREEDOM (U) 4.00, 5.30, 7.00

A comedy and action film. Ronnie is a lion who escapes from the zoo. He walks about the city looking for somewhere to live, but everywhere he goes people are frightened of him. The plot is hilarious as the young lion tries to make friends with different people. When he gets hungry, he decides to try to find food in a restaurant. The customers are amazed and the waiter runs away, leaving the lion to enjoy whatever he wants from the kitchen. The actors are good and the soundtrack is lovely.

Tickets: £8

Nearest tube: Oxford Circus (4 minutes walk)


1. The story is about an animal. {T; F}

2. The film is very funny.{T; F}

3. Ronnie makes lots of friends.{T; F}

4. The waiter is scared of Ronnie.{T; F}"