2016年9月大学英语b统考题库 完形填空


Cloze 1
Every year students in many countries learn English. Some of these students are children, the other students are young people. Why do all these people want to learn __21__? It is not easy to answer this question. Many boys and girls learn English at school. It is one of their subjects. Many people learn English because it is __22__ in their work. Some young people learn English for their higher studies because some of their books are written __23__ English. Other people learn English because they want to __24__ newspapers in English. Some people learn English because they want to work in the USA, England or Australia. English is very __25__ in our life.
A.useful B.in C.read D.helpful E.English

Cloze 2
Mr. Clarke works in a middle school. He likes reading and often borrows some books from the library. He keeps ___21___ to the radio every morning and reading newspapers after supper. So he knows much and teaches well. His students worship(崇拜)him very much.
Mike, Mr. Clarke's little son, is only nine. He ___22___ likes reading books. And he often asks his father some qusetions. Mr. Clarke always thinks he's too ___23___ to understand him and chooses the easiest ones to answer. Of course the boy is not pleased with that.
One day Mike read ___24___ about the lights and was interested in it. When his father told him to do some housework, he went on thinking of it. He asked him ___25___ questions, and his father answered all. Then his father said proudly, "Fathers always know more than sons!"
The boy thought for a while and said, "I don't think so!"
A.a few B.listening C.also D.young E.something

Cloze 3
On May 27, 1995, our life was suddenly changed. It happened a few minutes past three, __21__ my husband, Chris, fell from his horse as it jumped over a fence. Chris was paralyzed (瘫痪) from the chest down, unable to breathe normally. As he was thrown from his horse, we entered into a life of disability with lots of unexpected challenges. We went from the "haves" to the "have-nots". Or so we thought.
Yet what we discovered later were all the gifts that came out of __22__ difficulties. We came to learn that something wonderful could happen in a disaster. All over the world people cared for Chris so much that letters and postcards poured in every day. By the end of the third week in a __23__ center in Virginia, about 35,000 pieces of mail had been received and sorted. As a family, we opened letter after letter. They gave us comfort and became a source of strength for us. We used them to encourage ourselves. I would go to the pile of letters marked with "Funny" if we needed a __24__, or to the "Disabled" box to find advice from people in wheelchairs or even in bed living happily and successfully.
These letters, we realized, had to be shared. And so __25__ we offer one of them to you.
A.medical B.laugh C.when D.here E.sharing

Cloze 4
When someone asks me what business I am in. My face feels hot. I envy (嫉妒) people who can say that they are writers, bookkeepers and doctors. All these jobs speak for themselves.
I really do make a living by __21__, and a good one, too. I can laugh like a king or like a schoolboy. It is a skill that I have learned, like the skill of mending shoes. Whenever and however laughter is needed - I am asked to do __22__. I laugh like a bus driver or a shopkeeper. I laugh sadly, kindly and happily.
I need __23__ point out that a job of this kind is tiring. I spend most evenings in nightclubs. My job is to laugh during the weaker part of the show. My loud, hearty laugher must be timed carefully. It must not come too soon, __24__ neither must it be too late.
I go through life quietly. I can copy the laughter of others. I can laugh in many different ways. But I'm not sure that I have ever heard the sound of __25__ own laugh.
A.hardly B.my C.but D.it E.laughing

Cloze 5
From the earliest time it was well known to the Peruvians (秘鲁人) that when a cut was made in the thick skin of a rubber tree, a white liquid like milk came __21__. From this liquid a sticky mass of rubber might be made. This rubber is soft and wax-like when warm so that it is difficult to give any form.
The Peruvians made the discovery that it is very good for __22__ out water. Then in the early period of the century they made overshoes to keep their feet dry.
Then a certain Mr. Mackintosh developed selling coats of cloth which were lined with rubber. Today Mackintosh raincoats are still __23__ after him.
But these first rubber shoes and raincoat were unpleasantly soft and sticky in __24__. They were also stiff and very cold in water. They were like wax __25__ they felt a bit stronger.
A.keeping B.summer C.although D.out E.named

Cloze 6
July comes, with school examinations. But when these are finished, the school year ends. Boys and girls have nearly two months' holidays before them. They leave school by bus and train to go back home, to meet their fathers and mothers.
The summer holidays are the best time of the year in England for ___21___ children. The weather is usually so good that they can spend most of their time playing in the garden, or playing in the forests and fields if they live in the ___22___. If they live in big towns, they can usually go to parks to play.
In England, not only can the rich people take their children to the seaside. If a factory worker or a bus driver, a street cleaner or a farmer ___23___ to take his wife and children there, he can usually does this like them.
Why do people like so much at the seaside? It's the sea, the sand and the sun. Of course, there are a lot of new things to see, nice thing to eat and exciting things to do. And there are also the feeling of sand under one's feet, of sea water to one's skin, and the warm sun on one's back. Everybody can enjoy himself at the seaside.
But when ___24___ comes, the summer holidays are over. Boys and girls ___25___ have a new school year. They will come back to their school again.
A.countries B.September C.will D.wants E.most

Cloze 7
If you asked high school girls to name their favorite sports, most would probably say basketball or volleyball. I happen to be one of the few girls who would ___21___: surfing. But isn't that a boy thing? Some people wonder. Most would certainly not.
I started surfing about five years ago and ___22___ in love with the sport on the very first day. Riding that first wave was the best feeling I had ever ___23___.
When I try to compare surfing with other things, I find it very difficult because, in my ___24___, there's nothing like it. It involves body, mind, and soul. There's sand between my toes and cool, salt water all ___25___ us. The feeling I get when I'm surfing across that water, becoming one with the ocean, is like I'm weightless.
A.experienced B.life C.around D.answer E.fell

Cloze 8
American people divide their days into several blocks of time, and plan different activities __21__ different times.
American time is “on the dot”(准确地). If something is supposed to happen at eight o'clock, it will begin at eight. Americans value promptness(准时)and may become angry if a person is more than 15 minutes late __22__ a good reason. If you know you are going to be late, call in advance and let someone know. __23__ you arrive late, you should apologize and explain why. Americans arrive __24__ time for doctors' appointments. The doctor may keep you __25__, but if you keep the doctor waiting, you may get a bill with the doctor's time!
A.for B.waiting C.on D.if E.without

Cloze 9
Strange things happen to time when you travel, because the earth is divided into twenty-four parts, ___21___ a part. You can have days with more or fewer than twenty-four hours, and weeks with more or fewer than seven days.
Your ship goes into ___22___ time part every day if you make a five-day journey across the Atlantic Ocean. As you go into each part, the time ___23___ one hour. Traveling west, you set your clock back; traveling east, you let it ahead. Each day of your journey has either twenty-five or twenty-three hours.
If you travel by ship across the Pacific, you ___24___ the International Date Line. This is the point where a new day ___25___. When you go across the line, you change your calendar one full day, back or ahead.
A.a different B.one hour C.cross D.changes E.begins

Cloze 10
More and more people have to install burglar alarms in their houses if they want to get insurance. Insurance companies __21__ people in certain areas to install the alarms before they will give them insurance for the past year. This is due to increasing crime in some parts of the country. This can be a problem for people __22__ are struggling to make ends meet(收支平衡). The alarms, __23__ can be very expensive, need to be installed by an electrician. It is __24__ that 20% of homes have alarms installed, and that another 20% of people plan to have them installed but have not installed them yet. The insurance companies told people __25__ the alarms on all doors and windows.
A.have been asking B.which C.who D.to install E.estimated

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