61、- Would you come and have dinner with us?
- _________
A.No, I think I do. B.No, never mind. C.Yes, please. D.Thanks. I will.

62、- I'd like to invite you to dinner this Saturday, Mr. Smith.
- _________
A.Oh, no. let's not. B.I'd rather stay at home.
C.I'm sorry, but I have other plans. D.Oh, no. That'll be too much trouble.

63、- I'm sorry I'm late.
- _________ Come earlier next time.
A.Sure. B.You are welcome. C.It doesn't matter. D.I don't know.

64、- _________
- Oh, well, I'll speak a little slower.
A.How long do you speak? B.How do you like my speech?
C.Do you speak English? D.I'm sorry I can't understand you.

65、- Which would you like? Tea or coffee?
- _________
A.Sure, I would. B.Yes, pleasure. C.Yes, thank you. D.Tea, please.

66、- Thank you for giving me so much help.
- _________
A.My pleasure. B.Never mind. C.Yes, thank you. D.It doesn't matter.

67、- I'm looking for a shirt for my father.
- _________
A.What size do you wear? B.What can I do for you?
C.How about this one? D.What size does your father wear?

68、- Mike, I am going to skate in the mountains tomorrow.
- Oh, really? _________
A.I am sorry. B.Thank you. C.Have a good time. D.Congratulations!

69、- Jill, you look tired. Let's go for a walk.
- _________
A.Thank you, I'm really hungry. B.That's a good idea.
C.You are welcome. D.You're wrong.

70、- You have such a nice house! I do like it.
- _________
A.No, you needn't. B.It's very kind of you to say so.
C.No, it is not. D.Don't mention it.

71、- What can I do for you, sir?
- _________
A.Thank you. B.What's the matter?
C.I'd like to have some money sent to the USA. D.Sorry, I have no idea.

72、- What are you going to do?
- _________
A.I'm planning to go to the cinema with my friend. B.No, I'm not going to do it.
C.Thank you for asking me about it. D.Yes, I'll go.

73、- Would you please show me your bankbook?
- _________
A.Sorry, I have no idea. B.Here you are.
C.Come with me. D.Yes, I'd like to.

74、- Nice to see you again, Mr. Smith. How are you?
- _________
A.I miss you. B.Fine. Thank you. And you?
C.Are you OK? D.This way, please.

75、- My son won the first prize in the writing contest!
- _________
A.Congratulations! B.Are you sure of that?
C.What a pity! D.It's terrible.

76、- Do you have any plan this year?
- _________
A.How about you? B.I plan to go to the United States for further studies.
C.Yes, I will. D.I'm certainly not going to do that kind of thing.

77、- Take these pills three times a day. Come back and see me in a week.
- _________
A.Thank you very much indeed. B.I can't make it.
C.I haven't decided yet. D.Good idea!

78、- You are late! The discussion started 30 minutes ago.
- _________
A.Well, I don't care. B.Don't blame me.
C.I am really sorry. D.That's great.

79、- Bring me the bill, please.
- _________
A.You are welcome. B.Please wait for a moment, sir.
C.I'll hurry up. D.Be quick.

80、- I am so sorry to interrupt you again.
- _________
A.That's good. B.It's all right.
C.I don't think so. D.No way!

81、- Thank you for the wonderful meal, Mrs. Hanson.
- _________
A.Oh, I don't think you ate well. B.I'm not a good cook in fact.
C.Be careful next time. D.I'm glad you enjoyed it.

82、- Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the bus stop?
- _________
A.Yes, go straight down this way to the end. B.Why do you ask me the way?
C.Yes, I will. D.No, I can't tell you that.

83、- May I speak to Dr. Brown?
- _________
A.Yes, he is not in at the moment. B.No, you can't.
C.Yes, this is Brown speaking. D.Sorry, speaking.

84、- Good morning. Have you got a single room with a bathroom, please?
- _________
A.I don't know. B.I'd rather not say.
C.Well, guess. D.Yes, we have.

85、- How do you go to work?
- _________.
A.I go to work every day B.I don't go to work every day
C.By train D.By air

86、― Pleased to meet you!
― ________________
A.Pleased to meet you ,too. B.How do you do?
C.I've heard about you. D.The pleasure is mine.

87、- Have you installed the new software?
- _________
A.Installed. B.Uninstalled.
C.No, not yet. D.Yes, not yet.

88、- I am terribly sorry! I broke the vase.
- _________
A.I don't want it. B.Don't worry.
C.You meant to do it. D.You buy one for me.

89、-What's this in English?
- _________
A.It's a map. B.That is a map. C.Yes, it's a map. D.No, it isn't.

90、- I hear you got through your exam. Congratulations!
- _________
A.No. I didn't do well enough. B.Who told you that?
C.Thanks. D.Yes, I got a good mark.