91、--Hi, Jim! Nice to meet you.
-- _________.
A.Certainly B.Many thanks C.OK D.Nice to meet you, too

92、-- Happy Teachers' Day to you, Mr Wang!
-- _________.
A.Thank you B.All the same C.Me, too D.The same to you

93、-- Thank you for asking me to your party. But I can't come.
-- _________.
A.That's right B.I'm sorry to hear that
C.Thanks a lot D.Oh, I'm very glad

94、-- _________?
--This is Mr Smith speaking now.
A.Who are you B.Who is that
C.Who are you calling D.What do you want to say

95、-- Well done, Jim. You did very well in the high jump.
-- _________.
A.I'm glad to hear that B.That's right
C.Thank you D.The same to you

96、--Hi! Jim. This is my brother Peter.
-- _________
A.How are you? B.Fine, thank you. C.Nice to meet you. D.You are very kind.

97、-- You speak English well.
-- _________.
A.Thank you for saying so B.I don't think so
C.No, I don't speak well enough D.Certainly

98、-- Did you win the 100 metre race?
-- Yes, I did.
-- Really?
-- _________.
A.Congratulations B.Best wishes C.Good luck D.Right

99、-- It's nearly ten o'clock. It's time for you to go to bed, Kate!
--OK. _________, Dad.
A.See you later B.Good-bye C.Good evening D.Good night

100、-- I have passed the maths exam!
-- _________. Congratulations!
A.Sorry B.Come on C.Well done D.Bad luck

101、--Hello. May 1 speak to Jim, please?
-- _________.
A.Who are you B.Who is he C.Who's that D.Who is it

102、-- Hello! Is that Mr Wang speaking?
-- _________
A.Yes. This is Mr Wang speaking. B.Yes. Can I speak to Mr Wang?
C.Sorry, you'd better ask Mr Wang. D.No, I can't speak.

103、--Thank you for your help.
-- _________.
A.It doesn't matter B.You're welcome C.You're kind D.I don't think so

104、-- I'm going to the English evening now.
-- _________.
A.It's good for you B.Have a good time C.It's kind of you D.You are happy

105、-- How good the news is for you!
-- ______________.
A.You are kind to tell me B.I'm glad to see that
C.It's kind of you to say so D.It's nice to hear from you

106、-- May I borrow your umbrella for a moment?
-- ______________.
A.No, you can't do it B.Sorry, but you may not
C.Well, I am afraid I am going to use it myself D.Of course not. I'm going to need it myself

107、-- Don't make faces in class.
-- _____________.
A.Sorry, I won't do it again B.Certainly, I will
C.That's OK D.Excuse me, I am wrong

108、--What is your eldest sister like?
-- ______________.
A.She is happy B.She is ill C.She is tall D.She is at home

109、--Would you like some more coffee?
-- ___________.
A.Yes. I would B.No, I wouldn't C.No, thank you D.I've had enough

110、--Shall I get some chalk for you?
-- _____________.
A.That's right B.No, thanks, let Tom do it
C.I can do it without you D.Not at all

111、--Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to the post office?
-- _____________.
A.You can't miss it B.I don't know
C.No, I can't D.Sorry, but I am a stranger here myself

112、--Will you please give the note to him?
-- ______________.
A.Certainly, I'll give it to him B.No, please not
C.Sorry, I don't D.Yes, please do

113、--I was born in Boston, but I studied in New York._________?
--I was born in New York, but studied in Boston.
A.What do you do B.And you C.Where were you D.Do you

114、-- Shall we hold a party this Saturday evening?
-- ______________.
A.Quite right B.Good idea C.Let's D.Certain

115、--Don't worry. I'll leave the message on his desk.
-- _____________.
A.It doesn't matter B.That's all right C.Thank goodness D.It's kind of you

116、--May I ask you a question?
-- _____________.
A.Yes. you need B.Yes. ask C.Yes. please D.Let me see

117、-- Could you speak more loudly?
-- _______________.
A.It's a good line B.The line is bad C.I can hear you D.You can't hear me

118、--Would you like some tea, Mary?
-- __________.
A.Yes, I'd like B.I'd like C.Yes. please D.Yes. I will

119、-- Could you say it again, please?
-- ______________.
A.Certainly B.That's nothing C.Yes, you are welcome D.Yes, I am glad about it

120、Help yourself to some fish!
-- _____________.
A.You are very kind B.Thank you C.The fish smells bad D.Yes. I will do