Reading Passage1
"题目1:In the second paragraph., the word “endorsing” means _________.
: supporting
; disapproving (不同意)
; arguing against
; giving up "
"题目2:What does the word “sedentary” mean in the second paragraph.?
: fat
; inactive 
; fit 
; dangerous"
"题目3:It can be inferred from the fourth paragraph. that _________.
: the new study contradicts the previous research  
; the new study is based on the previous research 
; the new study is similar to the previous research
; the new study concludes being overweight is also the cause of death"
"题目4:What can we infer about the British Government’s attitude in the last paragraph.?
: It’s indifferent to the research of last year. 
; It has approved of the previous research. 
; It is not concerned about the nation’s health.
; It has approved of the new study. "
"题目5:What’s the author’s attitude according to the passage?  
: Indifferent. 
; Subjective.
; Objective. 
; Critical (批评的). "

Reading Passage2
"题目1:What does the word “fluctuating” mean in the first paragraph.? 
: keeping changing
; staying stable
; being lost
; being gained"
"题目2:The author has kept a constant weight since her late 20s because _________.
: she went to the weight loss center
; she was on diet
; she tried the miracle diet (速效减肥餐)
; she started to do some exercise"
"题目3:Which of the following is not on the list of her meals?  
: sandwich 
; coffee and croissant 
; cheese and dairy products 
; enough nutritious food "
"题目4:“If I had the time, I’d make something better.” means ________.
: I had much time to do something better to eat, but I didn’t 
; I was very busy, but I could find time to cook at home
; I was free in the last two months
; I didn’t feed myself well since I was very busy"
"题目5:It can be inferred from the passage that ________.
: I’ve been gaining some weight during the last two months
; I have become much thinner because I didn’t eat any meat 
; Although I drink alcoholic a lot, I’m still very slim 
; Although I’ve been very busy, I still keep fit "

题目1:It is really a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (恼人的) when the train is late.
题目2:I am not hungry but I’d like a s _ _ _ _ (小吃).
题目3:I felt d _ _ _ _ (晕眩的) when I got up suddenly.
题目4:The baby d _ _ _ _ _ _ (使加倍) its weight in a year.
题目5:He is an e _ _ _ _ _ (专家) in economy.
题目6:It is a good h _ _ _ _ (习惯) to eat slowly.
题目7:She was really u_ _ _ _ (心烦的) about losing the money.
题目8:Students at this l _ _ _ _ (水平) need help.
题目9:There is a speed l _ _ _ _ (限度) in 30 m. p. h. in towns.
题目10:That cloud has a strange s _ _ _ (形状).
题目11:A _______ activity or action is done quickly .
题目12:When you __________, you say the last thing that you are going to say. 
题目13:You use _________ to describe something that happens all the time.
题目14:If you _________ someone, you give them confidence.
题目15:If you refer to food as ________ food, you mean that it is quick to prepare but not good for your health.
题目16:If you __________ someone, you do not understand them properly.
题目17:If there is __________ on a person, someone is trying to force them to do something.
题目18:If you __________ something, you put a limit on it.
题目19:If you __________ something, you measure how heavy they are.
题目20:A __________ is the usual series of things that you do at a particular time. 
"题目21:What he said _____ me.
: Annoy
; was annoying
; annoyed
; was annoyed "
"题目22:I don’t know _____ he will come nor not.
: if
; whether
; what
; that"
"题目23:I hope they are _____.
: well out
; well of
; better up
; better off"
"题目24:She told us she was _____.
: on diet
; going  a diet
; on a diet
; on the diet"
"题目25:I don’t _____  of your plan.
: agree
; approve
; endorse
; prove"
"题目26:What he did flied _____ his parents.
: a face of
; in face of
; in the face of
; the face of"
"题目27:They have decided to start out ______ the weather.
: irrespective
; irrespective of
; in spite 
; in the spite of"
"题目28:I don’t like the child because he is always _____.
: on the move
; off the go
; on a go
; on the go"
"题目29:You can see the ball _____ when the temperature is high.
: extend
; expand
; stretch
; spread"
"题目30:They are sold by _______.
: weigh
; weight
; heavy
; heavily"

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