Reading Passage1
"题目1:The topic sentence of Para. 1 is ________.
: Morgan Rees has always been a good businessman
; He used to own three petrol stations and was busy most of the time
; When Morgan Rees was 65, he got retired
; Reluctantly, he handed over the business to his son"
"题目2:The topic sentence of Para. 2 is ________
: He didn’t know what to do with himself
; He went on holiday to interesting places with his wife
; He was unhappy after he got retired
; none of them "
"题目3:Which of the following statements can best express the main idea of Para. 3?
: One day he saw an advertisement in the newspaper.
; He bought a small crockery factory in secret and started work again.
; He told his family he bought a small crockery factory.
; His family was horrified and worried when they learned he bought the small factory. "
"题目4:What is the central idea of the last paragraph?
: Morgan Rees has worked until he is 76.
; Morgan Rees has developed the export market and improved the profits by 200%.
; Morgan Rees hasn’t been bored since he bought the factory.
; Since he started working again, Morgan Rees has expanded the company considerably, which has enriched his retired life. "
"题目5:The passage mainly deals with ________.
: why Morgan Rees bought a small crockery factory
; how Morgan Rees lived his retired life more happily by turning to work again
; how Moran Rees expanded the company considerably
; how Moran Rees became a good businessman "

Reading Passage2
"题目1:Why did he (the second speaker) give up his first job?
: Because he could not earn enough money
; Because he disliked selling double-glazing
; Because the company he had worked with only cared about money
; Both B and C"
"题目2:It can be inferred from the passage that ___________.
: he got the job as a journalist mainly by chance
; he prepared himself very well for being a journalist
; the editor decided to recruit (招收) him when they met for the first time
; he was good at making up stories"
"题目3:Why did he give up journalism to sail full-time?
: Because he thought it was toiling (辛苦的) to travel to different places to seek for news
; Because he was bored with the fact that journalists took delight in reporting terrible things
; Because he disagreed with other journalists on the changes in Russia
; Because he had worked as a journalist for so long a time "
"题目4:It can be inferred from this passage that _________.
: he prefers to look after children rather than go back to find a proper job
; he cannot return to work since his children are too small
; he decides to go back to work when his children grow up
; he dislikes staying with children all day"
"题目5:What does the word “chaotic” mean in the last paragraph?
: important
; exciting
; annoying
; disorderly"

题目1:The police said there was no c _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (受伤者) in the accident.
题目2:You must learn the p _ _ _ _ _ (正经的) way to do things.
题目3:He works as an e _ _ _ _ _ (编辑) of a magazine.
题目4:He spent his e _ _ _ _ _ (整个的) life in china.
题目5:Their products are e _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (出口) to many countries.
题目6:The g _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (旅游指南) can give you some information.
题目7:I was h _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (惊骇的) at the news.
题目8:The price of p _ _ _ _ _ (汽油) is going up.
题目9:The p _ _ _ _ _ _ (利润) in this business are not large.
题目10:There was such a beautiful s _ _ _ _ _ (日落).
题目11:You say that something ______ when it is very surprising.
题目12:You say a ship _______ when it moves over the sea.
题目13:If something ______ you, it makes you want to laugh.
题目14:If you ______ something, you stop it from happening.
题目15:If you are ______ on doing something, you very much want to do it.
题目16:When someone _________ a building, they plan it and make a detailed drawing of it.
题目17:If you _________ someone, you move along behind them.
题目18:Something that is ________ is usual and ordinary.
题目19:If you ________ somewhere, you go there as quickly as possible.
题目20:If something is going to happen _______, it is going to happen soon.
"题目21:The boy is keen ______ computer games.
: for
; at
; to
; on"
"题目22:All the people were horrified __ the news.
: to
; on
; at
; for"
"题目23:It is one of the most__ films that I have ever seen.
: amazed
; amazing
; amaze
; to amaze"
"题目24:I found this book in the bookstore _____ .
: by chance
; by the chance
; by a chance
; by chances"
"题目25:Let's carry __ this discussion at some other time.
: up
; off
; on
; out"
"题目26:They plan to _____ in the city.
: go to sightseeing
; do some sightseeing
; go the sightseeing
; do some sightseeings"
"题目27:He spent _____ doing his homework.
: the whole day
; the all day
; a entire day
; whole day"
"题目28:They walked in the woods __ they dropped.
: while
; when
; after
; till"
"题目29:His story _____ all the students in the classroom.
: were amusing
; amused
; was amused
; amuse"
"题目30:Can you drop __ at the station?
: me off
; me down
; off me
; down me"

Grammar & Function
题目1:She __________(to buy) a cat for her mother last Christmas.
题目2:Oh look, the bed is dirty now. The cats ________ (to sleep) on them.
题目3:A dog ________ (to bite) me yesterday morning.
题目4:The dog _______ (to eat) the chicken I had cooked for lunch.
题目5:I think the dog ________ (to smell) it from the garden.
题目6:I _________ (to take) the dog to a training class last week. He hasn't improved.
题目7:Oh, no! We _______ (to lose) the bird.
题目8:It ________ (to fly) into the garden.
题目9:Oh no! I _______ (to forget) the dog. I left him outside the chemist’s.
题目10:The family_____________ couldn’t pay the bills was sued by the man who owned the company.
题目11:The person _____________ he met on the boat became his wife.
题目12:The war correspondent _____________ wrote the article has returned.
题目13:The article _____________ he wrote has been published several times.
题目14:The children _____________he looked after were all under five.
题目15:The story _____________ he wrote was the one which got him the job.
"题目16:--Where ________ the recorder? I can’t see it anywhere.

-- I ______ it right here, but now it’s gone.
: did you put; have put
; have you put; put
; had you put; have put
; were you putting; have put"
"题目17:We ____________ the bathroom and plan _____________ the bedroom this year.
: painted…to paint
; is painting… painting
; paint… to paint
; have painted…to paint"
"题目18:Are you free in July?

No, I _________ with my parents in July.
: stay
; stayed
; have stayed
; am staying"
"题目19:The restaurants ________ are good but the _________ here are much better.
: there…ones
; here…one
; here…ones
; there… one"
"题目20:This is the house _______ he lived last year.
: that
; which
; where
; what"
"题目21:I started looking after other children _______ parents went out to work.
: who
; which
; whose
; that"
"题目22:_______ I enjoy most is ______ I can have a holiday from work.
: That… that
; That… what
; What…what
; What…that"
"题目23:I’m leaving for New York _____ three day’s time.
: for
; in
; at
; on"
"题目24:I’m in Greece at the moment. I like the weather ________.
: here
; there
; that
; this"
"题目25:He is very keen ______ football.
: at
; in
; on
; to"
"题目26:Peter Blake is a successful businessman, but he (1) _____ to be very poor. He had nowhere to live and (2) _____ working in a pub when he (3) _____to start his own business. Peter had always (4) _____ interested in plants and flowers, (5) _____ he decided to set up a company (6)_____ cared for the plants in big offices. At first he worked on his (7) _____, but soon he took (8) _____ two people to help him. The company has been growing (9) _____ for the last ten years. Peter is now very rich, (10) _____ he complains that now he doesn’t work with plants but with a computer every day!

1) A. would
B. – (不填)
C. used
D. was used

2) A. did
B. was
C. been
D. is

3) A. had decided
B. has decided
B. has decided
D. decided

4) A. was
B. had
C. been
D. being

5) A. so
B. but
C. – (不填)
D. since

6) A. who
B. which
C. whose
D. – (不填)

7) A. own
B. self
C. – (不填)
D. himself

8) A. up
B. over
C. on
D. in

9) A. in
B. up
C. over
D. – (不填)

10) A. therefore
B. so
C. but
D. for"