Reading Passage1
"题目1:What does the word “dramatically” mean in the first paragraph.? 
: Greatly.  
; Little.  
; Emotionally.
; Mainly."
"题目2:Which of the following statements is TRUE according to this passage? 
: British people spend more time doing housework. 
; British people spend less leisure time watching TV. 
; The majority of British people prefer to listen to records or CDs and tapes rather than watch TV in their spare time.  
; Older people prefer to garden rather than listen to tapes and records in their leisure time.  "
"题目3:What does “exotic” mean in the second sentence of Para. 1? .
: unusual 
; familiar 
; lovely 
; fierce"
"题目4:From the sentence “Dogs used to be the most popular pets, …more independent and need less care.”, we can infer that _________. 
: dogs are still the most popular pets now
; cats need more care than dogs
; dogs are not the most popular pet now 
; cats are more dependent on their owners "

Reading Passage2
"题目1:Which of the following statement is TRUE according to the passage? 
: All the dogs are allowed into the hospitals to visit the patients. 
; Only some special dogs can help the patients feel better. 
; Doctors and nurses doubt if pets can bring comfort to the patients. 
; Doctors and nurses are aware pets will bring benefits to all the patients."
"题目2: Pets are particularly beneficial to the following EXCEPT _________.
: children 
; people with mental illness 
; the elderly people who live alone 
; the elderly people who have to live apart from their pets "
"题目3: The first sentence of Para. 2 suggests _________.
: touching and playing with a pet makes people nervous and anxious  
; pets can make people become quiet and attentive 
; people feel uncomfortable when they touch and play with a pet 
; people feel relaxed and hopeful when they touch and play with a pet"
"题目4: The dog helps Alan do the following EXCEPT _________.
: She helps her get dressed 
; She accompanies her to the hospital
; She gets the newspaper for her 
; She picks up the phone for her "
"题目5:The sentence “when I was going to a comma …” means that __________. 
: when I got hungry…
; when I felt asleep… 
; when I became unconscious…
; when I fell down on the floor…"

题目1:Where did you get those f _ _ _ _ _ _ (数字)?
题目2:Speech t _ _ _ _ _ _ (疗法) can help this child to speak clearly.
题目3:He decided not to tell anyone about the i_ _ _ _ _ _ _ (事件) .
题目4:The nurse gave the patient an i _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  (注射).
题目5:He spends his l _ _ _ _ _ _ (休闲) reading newspapers.
题目6:Traveling is a l _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (生活方式) not a hobby.
题目7:I don’t agree with the m _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (大多数) on this point.
题目8:Driving without a license is an o _ _ _ _ _ _ (违法).
题目9:Please r _ _ _ _ _ _ (回应) to the questions.
题目10:He works as a police s _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (警官) in Beijing.
题目11:If something ______, it changes.
题目12:If you ______ an activity, you make sure that the activity is done correctly.
题目13:Someone who is _____ is unable to see.
题目14:If someone ______ a crime, they do something bad.
题目15:If you ______ something, you use your teeth to cut into it.
题目16:A ______ is a period of ten years.
题目17:When something ______, it becomes less in quantity, size.
题目18:If you ______ for something, you look carefully for them.
题目19:If you ______  something, you look at or consider the whole of it carefully.
题目20:A ______ worker is someone who does work without being paid for it.
"题目21:You can see the great changes in the city during __ development.
: decades of
; decade
; decades
; decade of"
"题目22:He spent the whole afternoon sorting ____ his coins.
: off      
; out      
; up
; down"
"题目23:They wanted to __ the number of workers in their company.
: decline
; decrease
; drop
; cut"
"题目24:We need some new __ in our office.
: equipment
; device
; facility
; machine"
"题目25:Don’t be worried about it because we have police __ all the time.
: on a duty   

; on duties   
; on the duty
; on tudy"
"题目26:What __ you here today?
: takes   
; fetches      
; brings
; carry"
"题目27:You can see the user ___ of our website are up this month.
: figures       
; numbers    
; figure
; number"
"题目28:Mr. Robert has a __ of five people.
: house
; household
; home
; family"
"题目29:The doctor __ her carefully and then decided whether or not to operate.
: searched   
; examined 
; searched for 
; looked for"
"题目30:The shop has a good selection of swimming __.
: dresses     
; uniforms
; costumes
; skirts"

Grammar & Function
"题目1:85% of households have a microwave oven.

_______________ of households have a microwave oven."
"题目2:52% of managers have a dishwasher (洗碗机).

____________ of managers have a dishwasher."
"题目3:23% of unskilled workers’ households have a dishwasher.

______________ of unskilled workers’ households have a dishwasher."
"题目4:71% of men have done sport in the last week.

______________ of men have done sport in the last week."
"题目5:29% of women have done DIY in the last four weeks.

______________ of women have done DIY in the last four weeks."
题目6:I ____________(run) for 2 hours.
题目7:I ____________(run) 12 miles.
题目8:I ____________(decorate) this house for 2 years.
题目9:I ____________ (decorate) the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms.
题目10:He ____________ (write) a book for 9 months.
题目11:He ____________ (write) 200 pages so far.
题目12:She ____________ (work) for the company for three months now.
题目13:She ____________ (suggest) some very good things for us to try.
题目14:We ____________ (go out) with each other for 3 years now.
题目15:We ____________ (decide) to get married next year.
题目16:The family gave a party _________ cost £10,000.
题目17:The woman ________ you saw on the bus was my mother.
题目18:What was the name of the woman ________ left her bag in my car?
题目19:You’re sitting _______ I want to sit.
题目20:That’s the book ________ Don gave me for Christmas.
题目21:I don’t like cars ________ are too fast.
题目22:Is this a photo of the hotel ________ you stayed?
题目23:Have you seen the card ________ Tom sent?