题目1:pr_____ _____n

题目2:ve_____ _____table

题目3: cr_____ _____m


题目5:cont_____ _____ner

题目6:pa_____ _____et

题目7:c_____ _____ton

题目8:mi_____ _____ral water

题目9:ca_____ _____age

题目10:cho_____ _____ late

"题目11:________ days are there in a month?
: How much
; How many
;  How about"

"题目12:How many ______ would you like to buy?
:  coffee
;  oil
; oranges"

"题目13:What does Xiaoyan________ in the afternoon?
:  need to do
; needs to do
; need doing"

"题目14:I don’t need _________ coffee, thanks.
:  some
; any
; no"

"题目15:A: Would you like ________ wine?

B: Yes, please.
: some
; anyone
; no"

"题目16:_________ cigarettes do you smoke in a day?
: How much
; How many
; What"

"题目17:I’d like to buy _________ potatoes.
: a packet
; a bottle of
; a kilo of"

"题目18:_________ you be on time today?
: Could
; Do
;  Shall"

"题目19:_________ rice do you want to buy?
: How much
; How many
; Why"

"题目20:I ________ buy any wine.
: need not
; don’t need
; don’t need to"

"题目21:Who would like to have some vegetables?
: Xiaoyan
; Mary
; Shopkeeper"

"题目22:How many oranges does Xiaoyan want to buy?
: One
; A kilo
;  Four "

"题目23:Do they need any cream?
: Yes, they do.
; No, they don’t.
; The text does not tell us."

"题目24:How many prawns do they want to buy?
: a packet
;  two packets
;  three packets"

"题目25:Which is not included (包括)in the shopping list?
: rice and peas
; potatoes and coffee
; melons and wine"

题目26:Mary phones Tim.

题目27:Tim is hungry.

题目28:Tim offers to bring some wine.

题目29:Dinner starts at half past seven.

题目30:Xiaoyan is preparing the meal alone.