题目1: s_____ _____tcase

题目2:ca _____ m

题目3:cr_____ _____ded

题目4:temp_____ r _____ture

题目5:ch_____ _____ p

题目6:mod_____ _____n


题目8:sta_____ _____

题目9:_____ _____aotic

题目10:nei _____ _____bour

"题目11:________ come to dinner tonight?
: How about
; What about
; Would you like to "

"题目12:How about _____________ a taxi?
: take
; taking
; to take"

"题目13:A: How long does the bus ____________?

B: It ________ about an hour.
: take, takes
;  take, take
; takes, takes"

"题目14:I don’t like the kitchen. It’s _________ dark.
: very much
;  two
; too"

"题目15:How much does it cost ___________bus?
: on
; at
; by"

"题目16:A: How do I get to the airport, please?

B: _____________ .
: You can take the tube.
; There is a flight.
; It takes about an hour."

"题目17:A: The area is too dirty.

B: Yes, I agree. It’s ____________.
: not enough clean
; not clean enough
; clean not enough "

"题目18:He goes to work _____ foot but comes back home_____ taxi.
: by…on
; by…by
; on…by"

"题目19:A: Okay, See you on Friday afternoon _____ 5 o'clock _____ the flat.

B: Thanks very much. Goodbye.
: on…at
; at…at
; for…at"

"题目20:A: ___________ David Manning, please?

B: I’m sorry. He’s not in.
: Can I telephone
; Can I speak to
; Can I call"

"题目21:A: Who is speaking, please?

B: ______ Polly.
: I’m called
; This is
; My name’s"

"题目22:It       rains in Britain.
: always
; never
; often"

"题目23:The average temperature of Britain is 5 degrees in _________.
: spring
;  winter
; summer"

"题目24:It is      in summer in England.
: sometimes warm
; never cool
;  often cold"

"题目25: It is often       in England.
: cloudy
;  windy
; sunny"

"题目26:Foreingers think it is always foggy in      .
: the north of England
; London
; England"

"题目27:_People talk about Rome and Singapore._

A:  So what’s Rome like?

B:  I love Rome. It's _____! (1)It's quite big, and chaotic. It's a dirty, noisy, crowded, but, most of all, _____ (2)city. And for English people at the

moment it's quite _____.(3)

A:  And what’s Singapore like?

B:  Singapore -- well I like Singapore ! But it's quite _____.(4) The city is quite small and safe. It's well-organised, it's quiet and very _____(5). In some ways it's quite old-fashioned. But also it's modern - there's a financial district there."