2005年1月 试卷代号:2205  英语I(2) 试题











6, Where did lhe woman go to last week?

A. She went ~o Mary's birthday party.

B. She went to visit her uncle.

C. She went to the country ~or a picnic,

7. What is Mr Smith going to do this evening?

A, Having dinner with the managers,

B, Meeting one of his bosses,

C. Having dinner with the family.

8, What is the woman ordering?

A. Orange juice.

B. Coffee.

C. Red wine,

9, What sports has the man started to do recently?

A. Gymnastics.

B, Jogging.

C. Playing tennis.

10. What is Jenny doing at the moment?

A, She is on her way to Paris.

B, She~s packing her suitcase.



11. Karen likes to sit with noisy people.

12. It would be a good idea for Karen to sit next to Helen.

13. Uncle Albert is a smoker.

14. Adam and Peter are not smokers.

15. Jenny has just come back from America.





16. He out with his friends last weekend.

A. go

B. went

C. was going

17. I’m going to buy Mary a birthday gilt. Do you have __ in mind?

A. special something

B. special anything

C. anything special

18. The police arrived quickly, __ it was too late.

A. but

B. and

C. so

19. A: another piece of chicken, Sally?

B: No, thanks. It was delici0t~s, but Um really full.

A. How is

B. How about

C. Do yot; have

'20. If I don't have to work lat& on Friday, I might dancing with friends.

A. play .

B. get

C. go

21. I~ve always enjoyed

A. swimming

B. to swim

C. swim

22. her I'll pick up the airline tickets tomorrow.

A. Tell

B. Ask

C. Request

23. He by different people in the company.

A. interviewed

B. was interviewing

C. was interviewed

24. A: I haven't sat down all day.

B: You be very tired.

A. could

B. have to

C. must

25. I've lived in Chongqing twenty years.

A. in

B. for

C. since



Tom: Hi, Xiaoyan. How was your weekend?

Xiaoyan: It was great. You missed a brilliant party. What (26) your weekend?

Where did you go?

Tom.. To my parents~ bouse. Well, it was (27) wedding anniversary.

Xiaoyan: That sounds lovely] Where dkt you live?

Tom: In a village, about an hour north (28) London- It's wh~e I grew (29)

Xiaoyan: Who did you see?

Tom: Oh, (30) my family were there.

Xiaoyan: (31) did you do?

Tom: We had a short ceremony in the church there.

Xiaoyan: Why did you do that?

Tom: (32) it was my parents' 25'h anniversary. They wanted to go back to

the church (33) they were married. It was really nice.

Xiaoyan: When did you do that?

'Eom: On Saturday. Then on Sunday I played cricket. It was great because the

weather was (,34) good.

Xiaoyan: Oh, I (35) love to see a cricket match!

Tom: You should come and see a match some time.

26. A. with B. about C. in

27. A. their B. the C. our

28. A. to B. in C. of

29. A. along B. up C. in

30. A. those B. some C. all

31. A. What B. When C. Where

32. A. If B. Because C. That

33. A. when B. which C. where

34. A. certainly B. so C. ever

35. A. would B. had C. am




36. get on with (A) I didn't expect my mother to appear at the concert.

37. be fed up with (B) When I was in America, I stayed with my friends.

38. turn up (C) Mary is a very friendly person. Everyone likes her.

39. take after (D)Sally looks very much like her mother.

40. put sb up (E) If you sit here for two days, you will get bored.

(F) Take care, I’ll write to you when I get better




I've only got 10 days left in England. Can you believe I~ve already been here for a year?

There's so much to do before I leave! I really must buy presents for my English friends to

thank them for all their i~elp. I have to move out of my room on Friday because Franco has

got another tenant. At least I don~t have to find somewhere else to live. Um going to spend

a few days with friends. He is letting tile whole flat because Mary is moving just before her

marriage. The time has gone so quickly. I cannot believe that I’ ve been here for a whole

year. And I'must start packing too -- I have bought a lot since I came, and I need another

suitcase. UII give some things to charity shops I think.

Anyway, I’m really writing to say that I~ll be back in Shanghai on the 27 April, and it

would be great to see you to catch up on all our news. Ull phone as soon as I get back.

How are thin~s with you? ~'

Love Xiaoyan

41. When will Xiaoyan leave England?

A. A month later.

B. 10 days later.

C. A year later.

42. Where will Xiaoyan live after moving out?

A. She will stay in her friends' place.

B. She will be on the plane to Shanghai.

C. She will have to find a hotel to live in.

43.' What will happen to Francois flat when Xiaoyan and Mary move out?

A. It will be sold at a good price.

B. It will be rented to other people.

C. It will be kept for Xiaoyan when she comes hack.

44. Why does Xiaoyan need another suitcase?

A. She has got more things than she came with.

B. Her old suitcase is broken.

C. She has to give things to charity shops.

45. What would Xiaoyan'most possibly do when she sees her friend Sharon?

A. To ask Sharon to show her around Shanghai.

B. To talk about what happened to them recently.

C. To show Sharon her new clothes.

短文理解 2 (10 519

Mr John Smith works in a big company in New York. He works very hard and does very

well in his work. Every summer, he travels abroad for his holiday. Last summer, he did not

travel anywhere but went to a summer school and took a computer course. He said that

computer is becoming more and more important in the modern world. He wants to catch up

with the development of the world, besides he doesn't want to fall behind (落后 ...... 的后面)

the young people in his office.

At present, a lot of American adults (成年人)go to summer schools and evening schools

for more education. They've found that more education is needed to do their jobs well and

make a better living. They attend classes to improve their knowledge and for the skills

needed in their work. Large universities in the US 'are offering more courses for adult

studies. In this way, the need for more education is being met and at the same time the lives

of people have been better because of the adult education.

46. Mr John Smith usually spends his holidays outside the country.

A. Right.

B. Wrong.

C. Doesn't say.

47. Mr John Smith was paid by his company to go to the summer school.

A. Right.

B. Wrong.

C. Doesn't say.

48. A lot of American adults go to summer schools now because they had little education


A. Right.

B. Wrong.

C. Doesn't say.

49. One of the reasons people take adult education is to make a better living.

A. Right.

B. Wrong.

C. Doesn't say.

50. Some of the courses are offered by large universities.

A. Right.

B. Wrong.

C. Doesn't say.








Hello, David,

l-low is everything with you? You must be hored working in that supermarket all day long.

You should go somewhere to have a nice relaxing weekend. Last Friday, '"