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6. When did the woman finish her work?

A. At 6.30.

B. At6.

C. At 5.45.

7. Where is the man studying Chinese?

A. In London.

B. In Shanghai.

C. In Beijing.

8. Why was the man late'?

A. He got up late.

B. His watch didn't work.

C. He didn't feel very well.

9. How often does the woman go swimming?

A. Once a week.

B. Once a month.

C. Twice a week.

10. What's the weather tike today?.

A. It's sunny.

B. It's cloudy.

C. It's raining.



11. David will arrive at about 9 o'clock.

12. Max hasn't called Guy yet.

13. Max booked a room for the whole day.

14. David will meet the General Manager on Tuesday.

15. David will meet Max tomorrow.




16. We have to wait for a while because Mum cooking yet.

A. has finished

B. didn't finish

C. hasn't finished

17. A: Would you like to go to the cinema?

B: I'd not.

A. prefer

B. like

C. rather

18. Look! That's the teacher is looking for you.

A. who

B. whom

C. which

19. A: What a nice day!

B: Yes. Let's go camping, ?

A. don't we.

B. won't we

C. shall we

20. A: Have you seen my camera? I can't find it.

B: Just now I have seen it. You have put it in the bag.

A. must

B. would

C. should

21. Tom the music when Mary entered the room.

A. listened to

B. was listening

C. was listening to

22. A: Hi! Jack, Where were you these days?

B: I to Japan last month and came back only yesterday.

A. go

B. been

C. went

23. I bought a lot of gifts for my family, but he bought . .

A. something

B. anything

C. nothing

24. The cup, which by him yesterday, was a gift from an English friend.

A. broke

B. was broken

C. broken

25. He said that he try his best to help me.

A. would

B. does

C. will



I didn't get up until 11: 30 this morning! The flat was (26) a bit of a mess. Some people (27) late, and Xiaoyan and I didn't want to clear up last night. We just talked and finished a bottle of wine (28) . We cleared up this afternoon.

We had a great time. The weather was (29) nice and sunny. Xiaoyan helped Tim (30) the barbecue. The food wasn't very good, and we didn't finish it -- in fact, no one had any rice, (31) Tim burned it. But everyone enjoyed (32) . We listened to some CDs. My friends (33) college didn't turn up until 10 o'clock. When they arrived, we played live music! Everyone really liked our new songs. (34) Franco danced with Polly, he tripped over. Everyone laughed. Too (35) wine, I think. I didn't dance.

26. A. on B. in C. with

27. A. stayed B. went C. took

28. A. all B. together C. same

29. A. indeed B. rather C. really

30. A. to B. with C. on

31. A. hut B. because C. when

32. A. their B. them C. themselves

33. A. with B. at C. from

34. A. When B. Because C. Although

35. A. many B. much C. a lot of




36. bridesmaid (A) A person who enters others' houses and steals things.

37. fortnight (B)A man who has just got married.

38. tenant (C)A person who cooks for a restaurant.

39. chef (D)A person who builds houses.

40. burglar (E) A person who accompanies(陪伴)the bride in the wedding.

(F)Two weeks.

(G)A person who pays rent to rive in others' house.




Life Without Steve (15) (Polly Remmer, 2002, GB)

Janet Wise, Jeff Bross, Todd Scran. 105 rains. * * *

In this romantic comedy, Lucy Simms is a beautiful 30-year-old career woman, who has a very good job and enough money. The only thing missing in her life is a man. Alter years of really bad relationships, she decides to try to find a perfect husband, She advertises and interviews men, as though for a job. Although her interview technique is rather unusual and very funny, she manages to find several men.

Rather simple and romantic, but very funny at times, The acting is very good. The scene in the restaurant with interviewees at different tables is really memorable. Women everywhere will really love this film.

41. Who is Lucy Simms?

A. She is a young millionaire.

B. She is a career woman.

C. She is a beautiful actor.

42. Why does Lucy advertises and interviews men?

A. She needs a new employee.

B. She is trying her interview technique.

C. She is looking for a perfect husband.

43. What does the phrase "as though for a job" mean?

A. She interviews the men as if she is interviewing a future employee.

B. She wants to find a man with a good job.

C. Her work is interviewing people.

44. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. Lucy really hopes to find a good husband.

B. She hasn't found the man she thinks right for her.

C. This is a romantic film.

45. Who will be really interested to see the film?

A. Men.

B. Women.

C. Children.


Mrs. Brown will never forget the day, the 14th of July, when she and her family were at a picnic and Sam, her three-year-old son, ran across the busy road nearby. Halfway across. the little boy suddenly fell to the ground when a truck was coming towards him very last. Just then, a large strong man called David rushed into the road and held up his hand to the truck driver to stop. The truck came to a stop just before them, and David carried the boy off the road. The boy was saved.

This was not the first time for David. Once he learned that a poor woman couldn't buy enough food for her children. Fie got baskets of food ready and the next day the woman was surprised to find her car filled with a lot of food. It is nothing new to his family and the people in the town. David is always ready to give a helping hand to others. He often says to people, "Everyone is happy when you do good for others."

46. Mrs. Brown will never forget the 14th July, because her family had a nice picnic that day.

A. Right.

B. Wrong.

C. Doesn't say.

47. The driver of the truck didn't see the boy.

A. Right.

B. Wrong.

C. Doesn't say.

48. David knows Mrs. Brown and her family very well.

A. Right.

B. Wrong.

C. Doesn't say.

49. The poor woman knew who bought all the food for her.

A. Right.

B. Wrong.

C. Doesn't say.

50. David looks big and strong, and he is very kind.

A. Right.

B. Wrong.

C. Doesn't say.




51. A: Which shirt will you buy?

52. I need (一睚漂亮的东西)as gifts for her.

53. His father . (曾经在这里工作过)

54. Do you know whether ? (上海在中国的东部)

55. To keep yourself fit, you had better . (戒烟)






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