I. Vocabulary and structure. Choose the best answer on the answer sheet.(每小题1分,共20分)

II. Close test..(每小题2分,共20分)

III. Reading Comprehension(每小题2分,共30分)

IV. Translation
Directions: Put each of the following sentences into English or Chinese, using the word(s) given in the bracket if any. Write your answer on the ANSWER SHEET. (每小题6分,共30分)

I. Vocabulary and structure. Choose the best answer on the answer sheet.(每小题1分,共20分)

1. How are you, Bob? B
_______________ Ted.
A. How are you? B. I’m fine. Thank you.
C. How do you do? D. Nice to meet you.
2. Thank you for your help. A
A. My pleasure. B. Never mind
C. Quite right. D. Don’t thank me.
3. It’s rather cold in here. Do you mind if I close the window?____________. B
A. Yes ,please. B. No, go ahead.
C. Sure, please. D. I don’t like it.
4. Who’s that speaking? This is Tom__________ . C
A. speaks B. spoken C. speaking D. saying
5. I’m sorry. I lost the key. ______________. A
A. Well, it’s OK B. No, it’s all right.
C. You are welcome. D. You are wrong.
6. The kids don’t know anything about the sports we are used to, but they are especially ______ soccer. D
A. kind of B. good for C. famous to D. good at
7. I closed my eyes and ______ I was still asleep. C
A. programmed B. proposed C. pretended D. practiced
8. I thought they speak Germany in Switzerland. D
It ________ which part of the country you are in.
A. replies to B. depend in C. focuses on D. depends on
9. I think I have made the right ______ . I like that place. C
A. reception B. decide C. decision D. devision
10.He holds a(n) ______ attitude towards life, and he always looks happy. D
A. desperate B. pessimistic C. generous D. optimistic
11.I am going to Toronto. That’s ________my parents live now. A
A. where B. what C. in where D. which
12. We ______ occasionally, but I haven’t heard from her in over a year. C
A. were used to write B. are used to writing C. used to write D. used to writing
13. Bring me a cup of coffee,______ ? A
A. Will you B. Shall I C. Shall we D. Don’t you
14. Does it say ______ in the rent? B
A. was what included B. what is included C. what includes D. what included
15. At any _______ moment, about one out of every eight people has a cold. C
A. it is given B. giving C. given D. when giving
16. It has been a terrible year in _______of business. B
A. words B. terms C. speech D. opinion
17. They enjoyed _______a ride on horseback and spent the day in the mountains. C
A. to take B. took C taking D. take
18. He said he would prefer to read__________. B
A. rather than to go to the cinema B. rather than go to the cinema
C. more than to go to the cinema D. more than go to the cinema
19.Hold the ladder _______while I stand on it, or I'll fall off. B
A. stuck B. steady C. smooth D. slow
20. A number of occupations ______the rise are lawyers, computer analysts and psychologists. B
A. at B. on C. in D. by
21.- Sorry, I can't find the books you asked for. C
- _________
A Don't mention it. B It's your fault. C Thanks anyway. D I won't forgive you.
22. .- How do you like this dress? B
- _________.
A I am fine, thank you. B The price is reasonable.
C I bought this dress at a sale. D It's my sister's.
23.- Good morning. Have you got a single room with a bathroom, please? D
- _________
A I don't know. B I'd rather not say. C Well, guess. D Yes, we have.
24.- Why don't you come to my birthday party this Sunday? D
- _________
A Because I'm very busy. B Ok, I don't. C Ok, I do. D Ok, I will.
25.- Hello, could I speak to Mike please? B
- _________
A Who are you? B Who is speaking? C What's wrong? D. Why?
26. The concert usually takes place at the People's Square, with the audience ______ on the ground. B
A. seating B. seated C. be seating D. to seat
27. If the whole program ______ beforehand, a great deal of time and money would have been lost. D
A. was not planned B. were not planned C. would not be planned D. had not been planned
28. Isn't it about the time you ______ to do morning exercises? A
A. began B. begin C. should begin D. have begun
29. I am very grateful to you for what you've given me and ______ you have done for me. D
A. which B. that C. all what D. all that=what
30. It was not until she had arrived home ______ remembered her appointment with the doctor. B
A. when she B. that she C. and she D. she
31. Determined to ______ as if everything were normal, he responded with a kind of indifference. A A. carry on B. account for C. bring up D. get through
32. He ______ to arrange a loan through a finance company. C
A. tried B. succeeded C. managed D. endeavored
33. Jack is good, kind, hard working and intelligent. ______ , I can't speak too highly of him. B
A. As a result B. In a word C. By the way D. On the contrary
34. I ______ going to the doctor, but I wish I hadn't. D
A. pick out B. make out C. give off D. put off
35. Young children often can't _______between TV programs and commercials. B
A. separate B. distinguish C. compare D. contrast
36. The morning paper _______ a story about demonstrations in New York and Washington D. C. A A. carried B. extended C. brought D. took
37. And what we got to _______ is a disgrace. C
A. come up with B. catch up with C. put up with D. keep up with
38. TOEFL is a test for students _______ native language is not English. C
A. that B. of whom C. whose D. which
39. He told me how he had given me shelter and protection without which I _______ of hunger. C
A. would be died B. would die C. would have died D. will die
40. This article deals with the natural phenomenon which _______ most interesting to everyone.B A. are B. is C. they are D. it is
41. -I'm taking my driving test next week. B
A. Cheers!
B. Good luck!   
C. Come on!
D. Congratulations!
42. -I enjoyed the food very much. C
-I'm glad you like it. Please drop in any time you like.
A. Is it all right?
B. I'm afraid I won't be free.
C. Yes, I will.
D. That's busy.
43. -I'm interested in that chair. How much do you want for it? B
-_______ I'll give you $15.00.
-No, that's not enough.
A. The chair is really nice.
B. That's too much.
C. Please sit down.
D. Nobody will have it except me.
44. -What do you think of that tea set as a gift for Mary's birthday? C
-_______but I don't particularly care for the design.
A. It's the wrong thing.
B.I think it's a Chinese style.
C. Not bad.
D. Let me think it over once again.
45.-My daughter has passed the exam. B
-Congratulations! She's really intelligent.
A. No, no, she is nothing.
B. Oh, thank you!
C. Sometimes she is intelligent.
D. You are intelligent.
46. I have ________a car to pick you up at the airport. A
A. arranged for B. planned C. asked for D. sent for
47. My roommate did not attend the lecture yesterday______¬¬ his illness. B
A. because B. because of C. tin case of D. in case
48. It has been a long time________ I last went to the movies. A
A. since B. when C. as D. before
49. He is ________ nervous ________he moved about the room all the time. C
A. such/that B. that/that C. so/that D. so/as
50. The train is _______in Beijing at 3p.m and we will take a taxi at 2:30 to meet our parents at the railway station. D
A. due to B. going C. ready D. due
51. We will arrive at our _________ by the evening. C
A. aim B. goal C. destination D. purpose
52. Don’t come_________ I telephone. D
A. if B. otherwise C. as D. unless
53. I think this problem should be__________ quickly. C
A. dealt in B. done with C. dealt with D. management
54. Your voice is at least________ hers if not better. B
A. the same as B. as good as C. better than D. much the same as
55. How much do you want to pay_____ this book? C
A. to B. of C. for D. on
56. The company has offered John the post of personnel manager with a _____ of $50,000 annually. B
A. wages B. salary C. income D. money
57. This machine is very complicated indeed. Once taken _________, it can hardly be put together again. C
A. apart B. loose C. separately D. improperly
58. The beautiful scenery of the West Lake ________ thousands of visitors to Hangzhou each year. B
A. appeals B. attracts C. directs D. catches
59. He________ his old car for a new model. A
A. traded in B. traded off C. traded out D. traded on
60. The teacher often said,“Let’s________ in English.” B
A. speak B. talk C. tell D. say
II. Close test..(每小题2分,共20分)

It is always interesting to visit another country, especially for those who have never traveled a great deal. Foreign 1 can be very educational for anyone if he is interested enough to make preparations beforehand. Learning the language of the new country would be difficult for the traveler, 2 the benefits of such an effort would become obvious immediately 3 his arrival. It may not seem important to him when he comfortably stays at home, but knowing how to 4 a meal or book a room is necessary for the newcomer in a strange country. Without knowing the language, it is very difficult 5 the stranger to understand the people of the new country and their customs.
Of course, in our small world, it is often possible to find someone 6 understands our own, but this is only second-best for the traveler. To be sure, he can see places and things 7 the use of a language, but places and things 8 not the heart of the country. To get the greatest benefit from a trip 9 another country, it is how important for the visitor to 10 an understanding of the language.

A 1. A. travel B. country C. language D. people
D 2. A. when B. so C. and D. but
A 3. A. on B. before C. while D. at
B 4. A. buy B. order C. eat D. book
C 5. A. of B. to C. for D. in
A 6. A. who B. where C. which D. whom
A 7. A. without B. with C. by D. that
B 8. A. is B. are C. were D. had
C 9. A. of B. in C. to D. on
D 10. A. has B. having C. had D. have
Many people like to decorate 1 houses at Christmas time.They decorate the inside of the 2 and the outside 3 . Inside they usually decorate a 4 tree and the fireplace,if there is one. Outside they place wreaths, ribbons, and colored 5 on the door and windows.If there is a tree in front of their house, they place colored lights 6 it too.
In New York City, 8 is a very tall, beautifully decorated Christmas 8 in Rockefeller Center at Christmas time.In Washington, there is also a big decorated tree in front of the White House. People 9 from many cities to admire the trees and the colorfully decorated store 10 on the important streets of large cities.

B 1.A. his B. their C. our D. your
A 2.A. house B. field C. river D. lake
C 3.A. either B. so C. too D. and
A 4.A. Christmas B. New Year C. Spring Festival D. Fool
D 5.A.water B. medicine C. feet D lights
B 6.A.of B. on C with D. up
D 7.A.before B. it C then D. there
A 8.A. tree B. sea C. street D. computer
B 9.A. eat B. come C. sleep D shout
D 10.A. kitchens B. bedrooms C. bathrooms D. windows

III. Reading Comprehension. There are 3 passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are three choices marked A), B), and C), You should decide on the best choice. (每小题2分,共30分)
Passage 1
Sixteen-year-old Maria was waiting in line at the airport in Santo Domingo. She was leaving her native country to join her sister in the United States. She spoke English very well. Though she was very happy she could go abroad, she was feeling sad at leaving her family and friends. As she was thinking all about this, she suddenly heard the airline employee asking her to pick up her luggage and put it on the scales (称). Maria pulled and pulled. The bag was too heavy and she just couldn’t lift it up. The man behind her got very impatient. He, too, was waiting to check in his luggage.
1. Maria’s story happened _____D___ .
A. when she was leaving America
B. on her way back to Santo Domingo
C. before she left the USA
D. when she arrived at the airport
2. You believe that the work of the airline employee mentioned in the story is to ____C____ at the airport. A. help carry people’s luggage
B. ask people to pick up the luggage
C. check people’s luggage
D. take care of people’s luggage
3. “Why are you so upset?” Maria said to the man. She wanted to tell him that he should not be _____C___.
A. surprised B. sad C. unhappy D. sorry
4. “Everyone was looking at him with disapproval.” This sentence means that the people around felt _____D_____.
A. worried about Maria B. worried about the man
C. sorry for Maria’s manners
D. sorry for the man’s manners
5. The author mentioned Maria’s age at the beginning of the story in order to show that _____A____.
A. she was young but behaved properly
B. she would not have left home alone
C. everyone around her was wrong
D. it was not good that nobody offered to help her

Passage 2

Barbara Jordan, one of the most respected lawyers and politicians in the United States, was the first black woman from the South to be elected to Congress.
She was born in Houston, Texas, on February 21, 1936. Right from the start, she set high standards for herself in school.
In high school, Miss Jordan decided to become a lawyer.At Texas Southern University she studied political science and history and graduated in 1956 at the top of her class.By 1959 she had earned a law degree from Boston University.
Miss Jordan began practicing law at her parents’ dining room table.Three years later she opened her own office.
The restless Miss Jordan first broke into politics in 1966,becoming the first black woman elected to the Texas senate. After an impressive record as a state senator, she entered the national scene.
In 1972 she won a seat in the U.S.House Of Representatives.During her time in office she was devoted to helping minorities,the poor, and the elderly.“My approach is to respect the humanity of everybody,”she once said. That’ just the way Barbara Jordan was.
6.Miss Jordan decided to become a lawyer¬¬¬_____B___.
A. before she ever started school B. when she was in high school
C. while she was in Congress D. as soon as she finished her school
7.What did she study at Boston University?___B_____.
A.History and science B.Law C.Political science D.Politics and history
8. The word “restless” in Paragraph5 means in its sentence_____D__.
A. having no rest all days and nights B. being nervous and impatient
C. having too much rest D.not satisfied with me life she was living and wanting to have some new experience
9.In her political life she won_____D___in 1972.
A.a law degree B.an appointment to the president’s cabinet
C.a seat in the state senate D.a seat in the U.S.Congress
10.Miss Jordan was the first black woman_____B____.
A.to be appointed as an ambassador B.from the South to be elected to Congress
C.to be appointed to the congress D.to win a national election

Passage 3
Many a young person tell me he wants to be a writer. I always encourage such people,but I also explain that there's a big difference between being a writer and writing.In most cases they are dreaming of wealth and fame,not the long hours alone at a typewriter. “You’ve got to want to write,” I say to them, “not want to be a writer.”
The reality is that writing is a lonely,private and poor-paying affair only a few writers were kissed by fortune, however there are thousands more whose work is never rewarded.When I did a 20-year career in the U.S.Coast Guard lo become a freelance writer, I had no proposals at all. What I did have was a friend who found me in my room in a New York department building. I didn’t even care that it was cold and had no bathroom. I immediately bought a used typewriter and felt like a good writer.
After a year I still hadn’t got a break and began to doubt myself. It was so hard to sell a story that I hardly made enough to eat.But I knew 1 wanted to write.I had dreamed about it for years.I wasn't going to be one of those people who did wondering “What if”. I would keep putting my dream to the test,even though it meant living with uncertainty and fear of failure.
This is the Shadow land of hope,and anyone with a dream must learn to live there.

1l. The passage is meant to__A_____.
A.warn young people of the hardships that a successful writer has to experience
B.advise young people to give up their idea of becoming a professional writer
C.show young people it’s unrealistic for a writer to pursue wealth and fame
D.encourage young people to pursue a writing career
12.What can be concluded from the passage? _D______.
A.Good writers often find their work interesting and rewarding
B.Writer's success depends on luck rather than on effort
C.Famous writers usua1ly live in poverty and isolation
D.The chances for a writer t0 become successful are small
13.Why did the author begin to doubt himself after the first year of his writing career?
A.Because he wasn’t able to produce a single book
B.Because he hadn't seen a change for the better
C.Because he wasn't able to have a rest for a whole year
D.Because he found his dream would never come true
14.The word “people” in the sentence“…people who did wondering…’’in Paragraph 3 refers to those ___A____.
A.who think a lot without making a decision
B.who regret giving up their career halfway
C.who think too mach of the positive side of life
D.who are full of imagination even upon death
15.“Shadowland '’in the last sentence refers to___C____.
A.the wonderful land one often dreams about
B.the bright future that one is looking forward to
C.the state of uncertainty before one's final goal is reached
D.a word that exists only in one's imagination

IV. Translation. Directions: Put each of the following sentences into English or Chinese, using the word(s) given in the bracket if any. Write your answer on the ANSWER SHEET. (每小题6分,共30分)

1. It’s crucial to specify wither a percentage increase or salary figure that should be in line with your market value and accomplishments. 1.确定一个与你的市场价值和贡献相符的涨幅百分比或工资数额是至关重要的。
2. The most promising suggestions are those that will attack the problems that makes people homeless in the first place. 2.最有希望的方案是首先解决那些造成人民无家可归的问题。
3. She defends her findings and even comes up with a new idea of how the early settlers got to America----they may have traveled directly from Asia to South America in boats. 3.她为她的发现进行辩护,甚至还对早期移民如何到达美洲提出了新的看法-----这些移民可能是从亚洲坐船直接到达南美洲的。
4.如果想引起饭店服务员或商店售货员的主意,你需要将手伸直,手心向下,上下晃动。(up and down)4. If you want to get the attention of the waiter or a salesperson, put your hand out in front of you, palm down ,and wave up and down.
5.专家认为,西伯利亚人为了追赶猎物经过陆地来到了阿拉斯加。(follow) 5. Experts believe that people from Siberia follow the animals that they hunted and traveled to Alaska over land.
6. Considered by some film historians to be the greatest movie ever made, Citizen Kane 《公民凯恩》is famous for unusual sound and camera techniques. 6.电影《公民凯恩》以它那不同寻常的声音和摄像技术而闻名于世,而被一些电影史学家评论为最伟大的电影。
7. As much as 14 miles wide and about a mile deep, the canyon is home to at least 220 different species of birds and many other forms of wildlife. 7.大峡谷足足有14英里宽,1英里深,最少有220种鸟类和其它野生动物生活在这里。
8. All gifts, even money, should be wrapped, but your host will probably not open the gift in front of you, in order to show that the act of giving is more important than the actual gift. 8.所有礼物,包括钱,都要放在礼包里,但是,为了表示接受礼物比礼物本身更重要,主人是不会在你面前把礼物打开的。
9.我一直喜欢寻访古老的城市,布拉格(Prague)是建筑方面最为漂亮的城市之一。 (in terms of)9.I've always loved exploring old cities, and Prague is one of the most beautiful in terms of architecture.
10. 最有希望的方案是首先解决那些造成人们无家可归的问题。(promising) 10.The most promising suggestions are those that will attack the problems that made people homeless in the first place.