121、-- Can I have a look at your letter, please?
-- ___________.
A.Excuse me, you can't B.I'm afraid you can't
C.I can't agree with you D.Yes, thank you

-Thank you.
A.Congratulations B.Congratulation C.Congratulate D.To congratulate

123、---I'll fly to Shanghai on business next Friday.
A.That's very nice of you. B.I don't think so.
C.Can't you go? D.Have a good trip.

124、---Can you help clean the window?
A.I'd like that B.Sure, go ahead
C.Sorry, but I have to meet my uncle D.It's none of my business

125、- I'm going to take my entrance test tomorrow.
- _______!
A.Good luck B.Cheers C.Come on D.Congratulations

126、-Who has done your hair,Susan?
A.My hair has been done B.That hair stylist
C.My hairstyle is cool D.I have it cut

127、--What does your father do?
-- ___________.
A.He is cleaning the street B.He is forty
C.He is a farmer D.He is all right

- He is not very well.
A.Who is he B.What is he C.How is he D.Who he is

129、-I'm sorry. Bob is not in his office.
A.Can you take a message for me B.Are you sure for that
C.Would you like to leave a message D.Can you phone me-I haven't seen Belly for 10 years.

130、-- _____________?
-- Do you have a toy horse?
A.What do you want to sell B.Shall I help you
C.What can I do for you D.Do you like a toy horse
131、-Could I get you something to drink?
-_______. I'm thirsty.
A.Yes, please B.No, thanks C.You are welcome D.Here you are

132、- Ben, would you like to play football with us?
- ______, but I have to wash the dishes first.
A.No, I can't B.I don't want to C.Yes, please D.I'd love to

133、一 Could you finish the task in two days?
一_______.I have something else to do these days.
A.I could not B.Yes.I think so C.I'm afraid so D.I'm afraid not

134、- Excuse me, can I smoke here?
A.You mustn't B.No C.You'd better not D.I'm sorry, you can

-He's a tall man with short hair.
A.How is he B.What does he like C.What is he D.What does he look like

136、--Hello, could I speak to Miss Fang, please?
-- ______I'll get her for you.
A.Hold on, please. B.I'm Miss Fang. C.Who are you? D.She is at work.

137、- I don't know how to thank you enough.
A.No thanks B.Thank you, too C.Never mind D.It's nothing

138、--- I'm sorry I broke your mirror.
--- Oh, really? _______.
A.It doesn't matter B.Don't be sorry C.Not at all D.It's OK with me

139、-Could you help me put up the signs on the wall?
A.No problem B.I hope so C.That's all right D.That's a good idea

140、- Peter, don't step on the grass.
- ____________.
A.It doesn't matter B.I can't do it C.Don't worry D.Sorry, I won't do it again

141、--- The summer vacation is coming in a few days. I'll share the holidays with my daughter by traveling.
---- ______
A.Congratulations! B.Nice to meet you! C.Have a good trip! D.It's very kind of you.

142、---What are Johnson's family like?
A.His family is just like mine B.They all like sports and travel
C.Oh, it's really a big one D.They are all warm-hearted and helpful

143、--- Is there a table for 4, please?
----______, please. Is the one near the backdoor OK?
A.Take your time B.This way C.You are welcome D.After you

144、-Would you mind closing the window? It is windy outside.
A.Not at all. B.Sure, go ahead. C.Why not? D.Yes, I would.

145、---Can I get you a drink?
---_______. But I have already got one.
A.That's very nice of you B.No, you don't have to
C.Yes, please D.With pleasure