Reading Passage1
"题目1:The investigation conducted by the Commission for Health Improvement found that _________.
: 40 public hospitals didn’t meet the national hygiene standards.  
; 40 public hospitals refused to accept the inspection of their hygiene standards.
; the government was taking action to improving the national hygiene standards. 
; the government had an inspection of 40 public hospitals’ hygiene standards."
"题目2:From the passage, we learn the Commission for Health Improvement plans to _________.
: find out the cause of infection the patients caught in Glasgow hospital
; take steps to lower the high rate of infection the patients’ might catch in hospital 
; call on the government to improve standards in hospitals throughout Britain
; continue their investigation into the hygiene conditions in hospitals"
"题目3:The hygiene conditions in British hospitals are worse than ever before because these hospitals are being cleaned by __________.
: private companies
; public employees
; special “hit squads”(突击小组)
; their staff"
"题目4:According to your prediction, what will the next paragraph most probably deal with? 
: The complaints from private companies. 
; The complaints (抱怨)from the unions.
; The difficulties British public hospitals are facing while improving their hygiene conditions.
; How to improve bad hygiene conditions in British hospitals."
"题目5:What’s the central idea of this passage?
: The hygiene problems in 40 public British hospitals are being tackled. 
; 40 public hospitals haven’t met the hygiene standards.
; An investigation is being made by the Commission for Health Improvement 
; Britain has the highest rate in Europe of patients catching diseases. "

Reading Passage2
"题目1:What does the word “sufficient” mean in line 2 in Para. 2? 
: enough 
; some
; little
; efficient"
"题目2: “Jet Lag” means __________.
: a natural daily sleep pattern
; the tired feeling you have when flying across the places where time is different
; a kind of acute disease (急性病)
; the difficulty in adjusting to a new time zone"
"题目3:Which of the following might be best filled in ?
: a little bit DVT can be very dangerous.
; it’s less dangerous although it can be painful. 
; it’s dangerous and it can be painful. 
; especially during the travel. "
"题目4:Which of the following might be the best answer to be put in ?
: To take some sleeping pills so that you can fall asleep. 
; To get up and walk around the cabin when you can. 
; To keep your feet still for an hour. 
; To drink more water. "
"题目5:What’s the purpose of this piece of writing?
: To persuade people to take a long journey.
; To explain what are jet lag and DVT. 
; To offer the tips about international travel. 
; To inform us of the problems that might arise during our flight."

题目1:It is difficult for the old man to a _ _ _ _ _ (调节) to the city life.
题目2:This is a p _ _ _ _ _ _ (私人的) conversation.
题目3:The flight a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (服务员) was very kind to the old man.
题目4:Before the meeting, let me give you a b _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (情况简介).
题目5:He works at a c _ _ _ _ _ (诊所) in a community.
题目6:They gave her a grant to study a _ _ _ _ _ (国外) for one year.
题目7:We should learn how to c _ _ _ _ _ _ (进行) a meeting.
题目8:His teaching was not very e _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (有效的).
题目9:I can’t e _ _ _ _ _ (确保) that he will be there in time.
题目10:The first s _ _ _ (步) will be to get a job in some office.
题目11:The first s _ _ _ (步) will be to get a job in some office.
题目12:A ______ is a building where people go to receive medical advice.
题目13:If you ______ pain, you feel it in your body or in your mind.
题目14:A ______ is an amount of money that a government gives to a person.
题目15:If something _____, it becomes smaller in size, or degree.
题目16:A _____ person is gentle and does not get angry easily.
题目17:If you ______ something, you make it seem smaller than it really is.
题目18:When something _____, it happens.
题目19:A ______ is the repeated way in which something is done.
题目20:To ______ something means to make people aware of it.
题目21:When you ______, your body shakes slightly because you are cold or frightened.
"题目22:How did you adjust _____ ?
: for college life
;  college life
;  to college life 
;  about college life"
"题目23:Tell me the _____ news about her.
: up-to-date
; latest
; newest
; earliest"
"题目24:He was deeply _____ by the film.
: effected
; affected
; effective
; effecting"
"题目25:They ______ that they were going to get the prize.
: sure
; certain
; firm
; ensure"
"题目26:The accident was under _____ .
: investigation
; inspection
; research
; search"
"题目27:The price was ____ 10 percent.
: lessened
; decreased
; reduced
; lower"
"题目28:He _____ in bed yesterday because he was ill.
: lain
; lay 
; lied
; lying"
"题目29:May I have it for my _____?
: private
; own
; personal
; alone"
"题目30:He is suffering ____ diabetes.(糖尿病)
: for
; in
; on
; from"
"题目31:He doesn’t talk a lot and he is a _____ person.
: quiet   
; peaceful     
; still
; silent"

Grammar & Function
{1. Private companies are cleaning 80% of the hospital.

; 2. The hospitals were much cleaner when public employees were cleaning them.

; 3. Hit squads are cleaning these public hospitals.

; 4. The government is giving a £1 million grant to one hospital.

; 5. People are blaming the high rate of infection on hygiene conditions.

; 6. Doctors in a Glasgow hospital were treating patients for a virus infection.

} -> {F. One hospital is being given a £1 million grant by the government.; A. This high rate of infection is being blamed on hygiene conditions.; D. Four out of five hospitals are being cleaned by private companies.; E. The 40 public hospitals are now being cleaned by special ‘hit squads’.; B. The hospitals used to be much cleaner when they were being cleaned by public employees.; C. Patients were being treated in a Glasgow hospital for a virus infection.}"
"题目2:The doctors are examining _the young girl_ now.

"题目3:An ambulance is taking _Bill_ to another hospital at the moment.

"题目4:The nurses were serving _lunch_ to the patients for two hours yesterday.

"题目5:The new staff were cleaning _the wards_ all day yesterday.

"题目6:They were admitting _five new patients_ when he arrived.

题目7:The passenger told me that he wanted to lie down. He said that his head ached and he felt sick.
题目8:The passenger told me that she was pregnant. She said that the lunch had been badly cooked, so she hadn’t eaten it. She also said that she wanted to eat some fruit.
题目9:The passenger said that he felt very unwell and that he had a pain in his arm.
题目10:The passenger said that he thought he was ill. He said that he had been very hot, but now he was very cold and was shivering. He told me that he had brought some medicine with him, but he couldn’t find it.
"题目11:I can't speak any Spanish, but a lot of people speak English.

"题目12:My brother is still in Spain.

"题目13:My brother is coming back on Thursday.

"题目14:I don't know what time he arrives.

"题目15:We ate a lot of fish.

"题目16:I swam in the sea every day.

"题目17:Although international travel is usually an (1) _____ and pleasant experience, travellers should take steps to ensure that their health does not suffer either (2) _____ their time _____ the air or _____ their time abroad.
Before you go, check with your doctor or local travel clinic (3) _____ injections are necessary for the areas you are travelling (4) _____. Allow sufficient time to have these injections before you (5) _____ because they may take time to become effective. Be sure that the information on health is up-to-date. Check on the Internet if you are not sure.
Don’t go to bed late the day (6) _____ you fly.
Your body has a natural daily sleep pattern. It takes time to adjust  to a new time zone. There are many different (7) _____ of jet lag: you may not be able to sleep, you may not want to eat or you may feel sick and tired. You may not be able to concentrate for some days after you arrive.
There are several things you can do to (8) _____ the effects of jet lag:
- Do your (9) _____ to relax during the flight;
- Sleep as much as you can on the flight. Use a mild sleeping pill if necessary;
- Drink as much water as you can;
- Don’t drink alcohol and caffeine;
- Take mild sleeping pills (10) _____ the first few days in the new time zone if you need them.


1. A) excited
B) exciting
C) excitted
D) excitting

2. A) of…on…of
B) of…in…of
C) from…on…from
D) from…in…from

3. A) where
B) - (不填)
C) which
D) that

4. A) - (不填)
B) in
C) to
D) at

5. A) will leave
B) is leaving
C) leave
D) have left

6. A) after
B) in
C) on
D) before

7. A) effects
B) effect
C) affect
D) affects

8. A) short
B) shorten
C) less
D) lessen

9 A) good
B) better
C) best
D) most

10. A) at
B) for
C) of
D) on"