题目1:p _____ _____nful


题目3: t_____ _____thache


题目5:me _____ _____cine


题目7:tr_____ _____tment


题目9:all_____ _____gy

题目10:s_____ _____gery

"题目11:I am not feeling very well. I _________ the doctor.
: need to see
;  should to see
; would to see"

"题目12:Mary ________ a terrible _______in her chest.
: is, painful
;  has got, sore
; has got, pain"

"题目13:A: ________ are you feeling?

B: I am feeling really ill.
: Which
; What
; How "

"题目14:You ________ go to bed and sleep.
: need
; should
; would"

"题目15:A: _______ you got a temperature?

B: I think so.
: Have
; Do
; Were "

"题目16:A: What’s the problem, Mrs Hill?

B: My chest ___________.
: painful
; hurts
; bad"

"题目17:A: ________________________

B: I’ve got a bad cough.
: What’s the matter with you?
; What is it like?
; How was your day yesterday?"

"题目18:I think I have got _________.
: cold
; ill
; flu"

"题目19:He’s got _____________.
: a bad cough
; coughing
; ache"

"题目20:You ________ go to bed and sleep. You ________ go to work for five days.
: should, should
; should,  shouldn’t
; need, shouldn’t"

题目21:Jim Field can’t sleep well.

题目22:Jim Field has got a bad cold.

题目23:Jim Field shouldn’t smoke.

题目24:Jim Fields shouldn’t have dinner in the evening.

题目25:Jim Fields needs to go to see the nurse on 10th March.

题目26: Jim Field doesn’t need to make another appointment.

"题目27:John has got ___________.
:  a pain in the chest
;  a pain in the back
; a pain in the head"

"题目28:John _________work and _________ do some exercises for his back.
:  should, should
; shouldn’t, shouldn’t
; shouldn’t, should"

"题目29:The woman has got _________.
: a headache
; backache
; stomachache"

"题目30:The doctor wants ___________.
: to examine the woman.
; send the woman to the nurse.
;  the woman to take some medicine."