Reading Passage1
"题目1:Which of the following learners is NOT mentioned in the passage? 
: Visual learner
; Auditory leaner 
; Kinaesthetic leaner 
; Sensory learner "
"题目2:Which of the following describes best the auditory learners? 
: They like to watch and listen to what others do. 
; They prefer to listen rather than watch. 
;  They like both music and pictures. 
; They usually talk less. "
"题目3:Which of the following is NOT true about the visual learners? 
: They usually learn by watching and copying what others do.
; They prefer drawing pictures to taking notes in words. 
; They are full of imagination. 
; They remember people’s names quickly. "
"题目4:According to the passage, the drawback of being a visual learner is __________.
: he cannot concentrate on the things
; he dislikes music 
; he always has a daydream 
; none of them"
"题目5:From the fourth paragraph, the kinaesthetic learner tends to _________.
: listen to explanations and enjoy conversations
; memorise things via (通过)pictures
; do more physical exercises
; be forgetful "

Reading Passage2
"题目1:The passage is written for the purpose of ________.
: informing the reader of _Direct_ Courses
;  introducing how to apply for _Direct_ Courses
; arguing for _Direct_ Courses
; arguing against Direct Courses"
"题目2:Bases on the passage, we can infer that if we learn with _Direct_, we can________
: meet the tutors on line
; have no contact with other students
; join the discussion forums and seminar groups anytime 
; study English well"
"题目3:Which of the following is NOT true about the _Direct_?
: It offers a great variety of courses.
; It’s an e-learning experience. 
; You don’t have to study it at a fixed time.
; It requires you to be skilled in computer."
"题目4:According to the passage, if we want to register for _Direct_, we’d better ________.
: make an appointment beforehand
; go simply to the _Direct _centre every morning
; go simply to the _Direct _centre during their opening hours 
; do it on line"
"题目5:We can infer from the passage that if we want to learn with _Direct_, ________.
: we must buy a laptop 
; we must have one desktop at home 
; we needn’t have our own computers
; we need several computers at home "

题目1:Now many people make friends in c _ _ _ (闲聊) rooms.
题目2:It is easy to get an o _ _ _ _ _ (在线) newspaper to read now.
题目3:He didn’t give me a d _ _ _ _ _(直接的) answer.
题目4:I think we’d better t _ _ _ (录音) an interview.
题目5:She h _ _ _ _ _ (拥抱) her sister when she met her.
题目6:She has red l _ _ _ (唇).
题目7:Do you feel s _ _ _ _ _ (安全的) about your future?
题目8:The TV producer today has to be part of e _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (教育工作者).
题目9:He was made secretary for a t _ _ _(期限) of two years.
题目10:His d _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (空想) is to be a famous actor.
题目11:You can use _____ to show that something is so nearly true.
题目12:Something that is ______ is noticeable than other things.
题目13:You use ______ to describe something that happens all the time.
题目14:Your ______ is the ability that you have to form pictures in your mind.
题目15:Information that is ______ is meant to be kept secret.
题目16:A ______ of something is what they look like.
题目17:If you ______on a course, you officially join it and pay a fee for it.
题目18:If something ______ you, it takes your attention away from it.
题目19:If you ______ something, you learn it by heart.
题目20:A _______ of something is a talk by someone who shows you how to do it.
"题目21:He is doing some research on the ____ system of animals.
: auditory
; sound
; voice
; listening"
"题目22:I know nothing about this ______ plan.
: before arranged
; pre-arranging
; before arranging
; pre-arranged"
"题目23:He drew a ___ to show us how to get to his house.
: photo
; spreadsheet
; diagram
; picture"
"题目24:The boat went ___ on the rough sea.
: up or down
; on and off
; above and below
; up and down"
"题目25:He ____ conversation.
: engaged in
; was engaged on
; was engaged in
; engaged on"
"题目26:The book had a great impact ___ its readers.
: from
; of
; for
; on"
"题目27:The wind is ____ the south.
: tended to
; tending to
; tended for
; tending for "
"题目28:Why did you choose that one ___?
: to particular
; for particular
; in particular
; on particular"
"题目29:They are asked to __ an online discussion forum every week.
: join
; join in
; attend
; take part in"
"题目30:The sound outside distracted him ____ his homework.
: away
; from
; off
; of"

Grammar & Function
题目1:The sandwich course is really excellent.   I have been on it for a week.______________________________________________________________.
"题目2:The job prospects in engineering are declining now.  They used to be good.

"题目3:I go to an on-the-job training course.  It takes one day a week.

"题目4:A course with that company would be a very good idea for you.

You could begin a course at any time.

"题目5:The interview went very well indeed.  He had the interview yesterday.

"题目6:they install / the new computers / before / launch / centre?

"题目7:Will the new Director have started work by the end of this year?

"题目8:Director / appoint new trainers / before / they install / new computers?

"题目9:finance committee / approve /the budget / end July?

"题目10:builders convert / centre / before it / buy new computers?

"题目11:they install / the new computers / end of this year?

"题目12:end July / building committee / approve plans

"题目13:end December / Director / appoint / Director of Studies

"题目14:end July / new Director / not start / job

"题目15:end June next year / Director appoint  / new trainers

"题目16:end January the year after next  / centre / be launched 

"题目17:end June next year / technicians not install / computers

题目18:Mary (1) _____ primary school, but she found secondary school very (2) _____ She had always been top of her class at primary school, but she got much worse (3) _____ at secondary school. The problem for her was to be taught by ten different (4) _____ for ten different subjects. (5) _____ had been easier when there was (6) _____one teacher. Also, it was difficult to (7) _____ to take the right books to the right classes at the right (8) _____. She began to find secondary school so stressful that she (9) _____ ill. She loved reading books so she was good (10) _____ English literature, but she was bad at (11) _____ because numbers confused her. She often went abroad on holiday with her parents, so learning (12) _____countries in geography and speaking foreign languages (13) _____useful to her, but she (14) _____ understand science and she wasn’t sporty at all so she hated (15) _____ lessons.